How To Block Ads On Xiaomi Smartphones In 2021

Tired of annoying ads pop-up on your Xiaomi smartphone? This trick will help you disable ads on Xiaomi phone to get an uninterrupted user experience with MIUI 12 firmware. The method is simple enough that anyone can follow easily. Simply perform the steps mentioned in a step-by-step guide below to permanently block ads on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Reason Behind Xiaomi MIUI Ads Issue:

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has seen rapid growth in the last few years to become one of the biggest players in the smartphone market.

The company is expanding its reach outside of China. The strategy seems to be working as the sales figures continue to show an upward trend.

In a saturated market, the price can act as a decisive contributing factor in bringing customers over to your brand. Xiaomi’s efficient production methods help the company produce high-quality devices at a lower-cost which enables it to undercut competitors in terms of price.

block ads on xiaomi phones

Managing and sustaining high growth often requires companies to carefully juggle various decisions that have a direct impact on millions of users around the world.

Once such consideration relates to generating and sustaining a healthy revenue stream. This is especially important when selling a device at a low-price which compels the company to look for alternative ways for keeping its revenue stream flowing.

That is why to cover low per-unit margins, Xiaomi pushes lots of ads onto its smartphones.

Unsurprisingly the company has faced criticism from customers who complain that advertisements intrude whenever they attempt to install a new application or a mobile game.

This issue has taken a particularly severe turn which first started surfacing in the MIUI 10 firmware.

The ad problem manifests every time users try to install a new app or game through Google Play Store and Mi App Store.

When this happens, firmware takes you to a new screen where it performs a virus scan on the app while showing an ad. A large number of users have taken to social media to express their annoyance at Xiaomi.

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According to most users, the problem of excessive ads has gotten worse in the MIUI 12 firmware for all Xiaomi smartphones.

This has prompted many to find out how to disable these advertisements, which show up when installing applications from the Google Play store and also from the Mi App store.

Here is an easy way to disable ads on Xiaomi devices.

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How To Disable Ads On Xiaomi Smartphones In 2021:

Intrusive ads show up at the time of installing apps. To protect device security, Xiaomi informs users about the credibility status of apps and whether it is safe to use them. These warning messages are accompanied by ads that appear on the same screen.

To disable such ads, you have to stop the device from scanning the apps.

There is no harm in disabling this feature if you use the main app store for installing apps.

However, bear in mind that leaving the scan off when installing third-party apps from unknown sources could expose your device to harmful threats.

Here are the steps to disable ads on Xiaomi devices:

  1. Grab your Xiaomi handset and unlock the device.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap App Settings.
  4. Now tap on System apps.
  5. Head over to Security.
  6. Locate Security Scan and under Virus Definition Settings, tap on Scan before installing to disable the feature.

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Once done, all ads will be blocked from appearing on your device. This problem is particularly severe in the MIUI 10, so if you don’t want to see excessive ads, we advise that you stay away from the firmware until Xiaomi addresses the issue.

The alternative is to install a custom ROM in place of the stock MIUI firmware. Many LineageOS users enjoy stock Android AOSP build experience while benefitting from all the custom tools at the same time. Custom ROMs offer useful features to disable ads.