How To Get Old Interface On Chrome For PC, Windows and Mac

Want the good old design back on your Chrome browser? Here is what you can do to switch Chrome to its previous interface. Google rolls out new Chrome updates from time to time. However, these releases are pushed onto Chrome automatically rather than giving users an option to decide whether to opt for them or not. Since Google manages Chrome updates on the user’s behalf, it also applies whatever changes to the interface design that the company decides without waiting for the end-user approval. One of the recent updates brought an overhaul to visuals of the browser. If you have noticed anything new and are not pleased with it, here is how to switch back to the old Chrome interface design.

get old chrome design

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser on PC and mobile platforms. The plethora of features aimed at improving productivity makes it the first choice of home and business users alike. With each successive update, we see something new in the mix. The ability to port Chrome Mobile bookmarks over to the PC version saves lots of time and effort required to perform the same task manually. The option to add custom backgrounds for each tab looks pleasant if you are a heavy Chrome user and don’t want to be bored by the same image all day long. You can now even speed up Chrome if, in a rare case, it isn’t loading web pages fast enough.

But all these features are even more enjoyable to use if the visual interface looks pleasing to the eyes. The new interface is slick, but some like to get old chrome design for reasons that can be pinned down to nostalgia or simple preference.

The new Chrome look replaces familiar design, where elements were of square shape, for a minimalistic appearance containing rounded edges, a toned down color scheme, and a circular icon design. Those who are not into the new Chrome visual overhaul can revert to the old interface, as of this writing.

Note: The method below may not work if Chrome blocks similar attempts in the future. But for now, you’re good to go for it.

Get Old Chrome Chrome Back

To switch Chrome back to its old design, you will need to head over to advanced features in settings in order to toggle a Chrome flag. To configure the settings of these flags, launch your Chrome browser, select the address bar and type in the following:


Hit enter key to open the settings page. Now scroll down through the options list (or search) to find UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome.

switch to old chrome interface

Right next to this entry, click on the drop-down menu and select Normal instead of Default. This will prompt you to restart Chrome. You can do this either hitting the Relaunch Now button or simply click the X icon to manually close and relaunch the app. Although Chrome does an efficient job of remembering all open web pages to automatically load them upon restart, it’s far from perfect in this regard. So always make sure to save or backup your bookmarks, plugins, and history before restarting.

old design chrome

After the restart, you will notice the old design of Chrome is back. While the aesthetics of Chrome have changed, all the latest features will still be running under the hood.

In the end, I would like to remind you that this may not work indefinitely, therefore unless you downright detest the new visual change, you may want to keep using it just to be on the safe side when Google eventually revokes this option.

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