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LG Flash Tool – LGUP: Android smartphones are popular because they allow you a complete freedom of customizing the experience as per your personal preferences, an aspect where Apple’s iOS devices severely lag behind. Android’s open-source nature makes it the first choice of people who like to personalize mobile firmware according to their liking. There are plenty of mods, apps, apks, custom firmware and hacks designed to take advantage of the freedom that Android offers. That said, manufacturers do not recommend unofficial modifications and customization tools on their devices as it can put your device at security and safety risks. Sticking to stock firmware and officially approved solutions is the best way to ensure the longevity of your Android device.

Perhaps the biggest danger associated with installing customized tools is that they can corrupt the stock Android firmware. If you’ve been the victim of it, restoring your phone to stock firmware becomes essential otherwise it could lead to further problems down the line. On devices that are corrupted, causing errors, or simply stopped working for some reason, a fresh installation of a stock firmware breaths a new life.

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Android smartphone and tablet marketplace is littered with devices from famous electronic companies. These firms also release supporting software to help customers resolve certain issues when they arise. Samsung has Odin flashing tool, Sony’s FlashTool is a solid software, and similarly LG has its own Flash Tool known as LGUP which flashes TOT and KDZ firmware files on LG branded smartphones.

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We are sharing the link to the latest LGUP Tool for LG phones. But first, here is a brief overview of its main features to give you a better idea about the LG Flash Tool and what it can accomplish.

LGUP Main Features:

Support for Multiple Devices:

  • This tool is compatible with all LG smartphones and tablets. Flash stock ROMs using LGUP tool for free.

One Executable File:

  • There is no need to install several installation files to setup LG Flash Tool on your PC Windows. Just install a single flashable file to get all the components in the package.


  • LGUP Tool gives you a detail log of all the activities performed on the flashing tool. The log is saved as TXT file. This is useful in cases when you want to know what is causing the error.

Prerequisites For LGUP Tool:

Download LGUP & LG Flash Tool [ All Versions ]:

  • | Download – Latest Recommended.
  • | Download
  • | Download
  • | Download
  • LG Flash Tool | Download
  • | Download

LGUP is compatible with Windows only. You can easily flash stock firmware on LG smartphones using PC Windows. Download the latest version from the link below.

  1. LGUP 8994 Version Download
  2. LGUP 8994 Version Download
  3. LGUP Store Frame 1.14.3: Download

The files with TOT and KDZ extension are the LG Firmware files. These files can only be used for flashing purposes via the LG Flash Tool. It’s similar to flashing .tar.md5 files on Samsung Galaxy devices via Odin. To flash the KDZ and TOT files, you’ll need an LG smartphone and the Flash Tool.

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