How To Wirelessly Transfer Data To A New iPhone In 2019

Apple has made it easy to transfer data wirelessly from an old to a new iPhone running iOS 12.4 or later version. See a step-by-step guide below to learn how to perform a wireless transfer to migrate your existing data from an older iPhone over to a new model in 2019 onward.

With the introduction of iOS 12.4, iPhone users can now easily do wireless data transfer from their current iOS device to a new one in just a few simple steps.

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New iPhone Data Migration Utility For Wireless Data Transfer:

A new iPhone migration utility cuts unnecessary steps in the data transfer process. The Utility makes use of iCloud restore feature to shorten the time required for settings up a new iPhone.

It automatically moves all existing data, including folders, files, accounts, pictures, clips, and passwords. All this without the need to start afresh.

The new migration utility works to copy the data over-the-air when you place both the new and old iPhones nearby each other. This method works for iOS 12.4 or later iPad and iPadOS devices, too.

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How To Transfer Data Wirelessly From An Old iPhone To A New iPhone In 2019:

Here are the steps to use the new wireless data migration tool to set up a new iPhone:

Step 1 – At the time of setting up a new device place both iPhone devices close to each other. Provided your current device is on iOS 12.4 or later, a quick pop-up will show up on the screen.

Step 2 – Now tap Continue and authenticate your device ownership through Touch ID or Face ID verification.

Step 3 – Once done, you’ll see a new 3D object on the new iPhone. Scan it using your old iPhone. Manual authentication option is also available if that’s what you prefer.

Step 4 – On your new iPhone, enter the passcode of your old iPhone. The next prompt will ask you to configure Touch ID or Face ID, for security purpose.

Step 5 – Next, a prompt will show asking about how to transfer your data. Here, you can perform wireless transfer by tapping on the Transfer from iPhone option or choose to go with a wired connection by selecting Other Options on the menu.

Step 6 – Rest of the process is simple as you only have to follow on-screen instructions to finish wireless data transfer using iPhone migration utility.

Step 7 – All done.

This will transfer all your existing data, passwords, accounts, photos, videos, and rest of the stuff to a new iPhone. As of now, the app transfer feature is not available but will arrive in upcoming firmware updates.

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