Windows 11 Introduces Better Auto HDR Control Via Xbox Game Bar! Learn More Here

Finally, Windows 11 brings much improved Autio HDR management through the Xbox Game Bar.

To wit, the Auto HDR feature was Microsoft’s solution to smooth out issues related to HDR that have long marred the gaming experience in the Windows operating system. At its core, this element is responsible for accurately evaluating the color palette of any game through machine learning technology. Upon determining the optimum quality, it then proceeds to automatically execute the requisite changes to boost colors using an internal API-level filter emulating the game’s native HDR implementation from its graphics settings, even in cases where the game doesn’t support HDR.

windows 11 auto hdr

So to streamline HDR control, a Windows 11 update now makes it possible for users to take advantage of improvements in auto HDR through the Xbox Game Bar.

As to how it works, players can adjust the intensity level of Auto HDR via a slider. This Auto HDR intensity slider supervises the vividness and brightness of colors in games. Within a game having extreme dim or bright colors, you can move the slider to the desired level that delivers the best Auto HDR experience you deem suitable for your needs.

To access this feature, open the Xbox Game Bar app and use the Auto HDR slider within the settings.

windows 11 auto hdr xbox game bar

As the above image shows, you can also enable and disable Auto HDR through the Xbox Game Bar. Previously, this setting was nestled inside Windows 11 settings. Now, it is easier to access it while playing the game using the Game Bar. This feature is available in Xbox Game Bar version 5.72 or newer.

Although all users of Windows 11 OS currently have access to these features, Windows Preview Build Insiders have extra benefits available to them. Among them is the capability of multi-GPU support for HDR. This enhancement extends the usability of Auto HDR in games on systems using AMD Crossfire or NVIDIA SLI technology.

Furthermore, Insiders can select how notifications of the Auto HDR settings show on the screen. If players consider notifications too distracting, they can simply choose to turn them off in the settings. This option is currently limited to the Windows Insider Program’s most recent builds in the Beta and Dev channels.