Tips & Tricks To Win Draft Challenges in Clash Royale

Want to learn how to win draft challenges in Clash Royale? If so, then you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn interesting tips and tricks to win Clash Royale draft challenges. Clash Royale is one of all time great hits by Supercell. The developer is trying to improve the game mechanics with each new update. One of the interesting elements of the game is its draft challenges. I will try to explain how to win draft challenges in Clash Royale in simple terms so that anyone can easily follow the instructions to gain an upper hand over opponents.

draft challenges

Before you proceed, do check this guide on best decks to win 2v2 team battles in Clash Royale. So, those of you out there who don’t have any idea about the draft challenges, we are here to help you. What is draft challenge in Clash Royale? Well, it’s an interesting challenge in which a player selects 4 cards for itself and 4 for the opponent. The other player does the same.

How Does Draft Challenge Work?

In draft challenge, you will be shown 2 different cards 4 time. You will choose the one card, and another one will be added to your opponent’s deck. Your rival will repeat the same on his or her turn. This continues until both of you have 8 cards, and the battle starts in earnest.

Tips & Tricks To Win Draft Challenges In Clash Royale

1 – Always be careful when selecting cards for your opponents during the shuffle process. You get 30 seconds to choose cards for you and the other player.

2 – During the selection stage, ensure to get cards which are effective and make it cheap. The best way to choose inexpensive cards is to go for counterparts. For example, when asked to choose between horde and arrows, always select arrows.

Similarly, given the option to choose between the princess and the log, go for the log. Counters are cheap and thus save some Elixir when selecting your counter attack.

3 – The phrase When nothing goes right, go left applies as much to the Clash Royale draft challenge as it does in real life.

When the opponent in successfully countering your every move, abandon your current strategy and follow “Go Left” approach. Use various combinations that are suitable in a particular situation. For example, if your opponent has the arrows and you have skeleton army, use the troops like wizards and/or prince + skeleton army.

This makes it difficult for your opponent to counter troops in skeleton army and wizard/prince at the same time. Another way out is to open the front on both lanes, like sending the skeleton army on the one lane and the wizard/prince/hog on the second lane. This makes it tough for your opponent to tackle both fronts at the same time.

4 – Hold and Play to guess what the other player will choose to counter your moves. For instance, if you choose prince your opponent will select goblins, skeleton army or horde to counter the Prince. So ensure to deploy troops like wizards, dragon or Valkyrie in support of your main troops.

5 – Clearly define the role of your cards. Don’t be specific when choosing attacking deck or defensive deck, keep them diversified. Make sure your decks contain all types of troops with different skills and capabilities. Too much homogeneity will make it easier for your opponent to guess you next move who can then effectively counter it in advance.

If you have to choose between spells and troops, go for spell because they are good at clearing the area for you.

6 – Make sure you have an ace up your sleeve. By ace i mean cards which can distract the enemy troops to ease the pressure on your army. In this situation, troops like Golems, Giants and Hog are an effective choice.

Final Words

So these are what i consider some of the best strategies to win a draft challenge in Clash Royale. If you thing i missed any or want to share your strategies, discuss in the comments section.

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