What’s New In PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 Beta English Global Version Update?

PUBG Mobile has received Global English beta version 0.6.0 update on Android and iOS. While it does not feature big new features, some fans of the popular survival game might be looking to join in the fun with new improvements to the existing system. The update comes on the back of the version 0.5.0 beta with Miramar map.

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The team of developers behind the worldwide hit PUBG Mobile has floated a version 0.6.0 as a beta update for its Global audience in English. This incremental update indicates that we are getting ever so close to the first ever official public release of the game worldwide. The initial release of the beta version of 0.6.0 is available to invited testers, with the release to the general public only a matter of time. The reason for these beta updates is to test the English version for errors and bugs so that they can be removed before its global release and bringing it to parity with the Chinese version of the game.

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Currently, the Chinese variant is sitting at 0.7.1. With the 0.6.0, the global version is getting closer to its Chinese counterpart before both mirror each other in terms of gameplay and features. The update doesn’t come with accompanying release notes or changelog but there are some improvements that would greatly interest players.

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PUBG MOBILE 0.6.0 – What’s New

In the absence of the official patch notes for the PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 beta update, there are some elements you should know about. Even if you don’t see these features now, they should be coming to the Google Play or the App Store version very soon. The following changes need to be tested before they can be incorporated into the version 0.6.0 for public.

  • All new First-Person mode  – first-person play.
  • Updated Weapon Gallery – now displays details about weapons.
  • A new Arcade mode – it has 100 players in a 4×4 map with triple loot drops and classic rules. In simple words, the gameplay resembles Sanhok from the PC version.
  • Sub-weapons can be equipped – this means you have two main guns and a pistol.
  • Bug fixes and improvements – car no longer does damage to teammates.

The overall changes in this flight are not as marked as in the previous 0.6.0 version with Miramar, which was released last month. This shows that the final update is just around the corner. Judging by the release date of the last two major updates, we are anticipating that a full release of 0.6.0 should be sometime around June 15. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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