Transfer Passwords From iPhone To Android [Step-By-Step Guide]

Here see a quick method to easily transfer passwords from iPhone to Android. You can use the instructions in the following guide if you’re making a move to a new handset, want to transfer passwords to new iPhone, or share current passwords across multiple devices for convenient access.

These days smartphones are ubiquitous and have become an essential component of modern life. A smartphone enables users to access numerous services including applications and websites anywhere on the go through their phones.

For instance, users create different accounts to login and logout of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and many other apps on their iPhone. With so many options, not everyone can keep track of these passwords.

As a result, Apple iPhone users generally use iCloud Keychain. This free utility tool saves all your passwords so that you can access them via a secure cloud. In the following step by step tutorial, you’ll learn how to transfer saved passwords from iPhone to Android device. You can use it for any type of username and password saved with iCloud Keychain on Android and iPhone.

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The main benefit of using this method is its ease. Of course, it is practically impossible to remember all the passwords. Hence, when you are moving from an iPhone to Android, logging into every service or app may require you to either use the “Forget Password” option or tap into your photogenic memory reserves to retrieve relevant passcodes. And since Apple enthusiasts usually remain skeptical of third-party password managers, therefore it gets even more challenging to export.

But we are going to simplify the process for you! So keep reading.

transfer saved passwords from iphone to android

Transfer App Passwords From iPhone To Android:

To illustrate, let’s say, someone is a longtime iPhone user. And that person stores all their passwords in Keychain. But now they want to make a switch to Android (which is not a bad choice, to be honest). During such a shift it is not hard to transfer content like contacts, media files, messages, etc. These kinds of files usually cope and paste automatically. However, things get a bit tricky when you attempt to shift passwords from an iPhone to an Android phone or tablet device.

As of now, there is no direct way of moving passwords across the two mobile platforms. So we have to count on a third-party utility to accomplish the task. Another benefit is that it supports all iPhone and Android models such as OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, and the rest of the Android brands.

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In this guide, we are going to use 1Password utility. This free-to-download cross-platform password manager comes with 1Password sync icloud feature to smoothly move iCloud saved passwords on Android. It is available as an app on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This multi-platform support means you can reliably depend on one tool for all your password management and transfer needs.

transfer passwords from iphone to android

When You Should Use This Tutorial?

Before moving to the solution, make sure to meet the following requirements. Otherwise, password transfer may get interrupted due to unexpected errors or other similar issues.

  • Make sure that you have macOS and Keychain utility installed on your device.
  • Ensure that passwords on your iPhone are saved in the iCloud Keychain account. If they’re not, then use another third-party password manager because this guide is not suitable.
  • This tutorial basically guides you through the process of copying and transferring passwords from iCloud Keychain to Android device. For that, it extracts the passwords from iCloud Keychain account to put them into 1Password account.

Disclaimer: This method requires using a third-party utlity. Although it is fully working, Apple and Android do not own it. Therefore, use it at your own risk. Moreover, keep a manual backup ready in case something goes wroing.

icloud keychain

How To Transfer Passwords From iPhone To Android [Guide]:

In the following guide, we are going to use MrC’s Convert to 1Password Utility. It works seamlessly if you use it on macOS to complete the transfer. This is because the iCloud Keychain app on Mac is essential to store all passwords you use on an iPhone and iPad.

The way it works is that it converts keys from iCloud Keychain into 1Password readable form. Once exported, you need to import it into 1Password Mac app which you can then use to upload. When done, simply use the same account on any Android device to sync all passwords.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Export Data From iCloud Keychain To Local Keychain

  • Bear in mind that iCloud doesn’t allow direct data export, therefore, the first step is to copy data to a local keychain.
  • To do that, open the Keychain Access App. Go to File > New Keychain. Rename it local-icloud. Note down the password that you enter for the newly created local keychain.
  • Now open the iCloud Keychain under the Keychains section. Press cmd + C keys to copy all of its content on right.
  • Paste the copied items in local-icloud using the cmd + V key combination.
  • Users will need to enter the password for local-icloud keychain on all entries.
  • Or, create a new Script file and run the following Apple Script. Make sure to paste the content before running the script. Once done, it will automatically enter the password for every entry. Just replace MYPASSWORD with the one you created.
  • set keychainPassword to "MYPASSWORD"
    tell application "System Events"
    repeat while exists (processes where name is "SecurityAgent")
    tell process "SecurityAgent"
    set frontmost to true
    if (count of windows) > 0 then
    set window_name to name of front window
    end if
    # keystroke "password"
    keystroke keychainPassword
    delay 0.1
    keystroke return
    delay 0.1
    on error
    -- do nothing to skip the error
    end try
    end tell
    delay 0.4
    end repeat
    end tell
  • If running the script is too technical for you, stay on course with the traditional way instead.
  • In the end, wait for all passwords from iCloud Keychain to copy into the local keychain you newly created.

Step 2 – Convert Into 1Password Readable Form

  • Download this File (coming soon) on your desktop. Unzip it on the desktop. It is important!
  • Next, find “” inside the extracted folder.
  • Run it and select the local-icloud you created in step 1.
  • Type in the password when prompted. The password for local-icloud.
  • Wait for the utility script to finish running.
  • You’ll now get a file with .1pif format on desktop.

Step 3 – Import To 1Password App

  • With all the technical bits out of the way, go ahead and install the 1Password App on your Mac.
  • Sign up with an account and log in using it.
  • Now click on the Import option on the menu.
  • Select the .1pif file created in step 2.
  • It will begin the automatic upload of all passwords connected to your account.

Step 4 – Install 1Password On Android

  • Download and Install the 1Password app on your Android device.
  • Login using the same credentials as in step 3.
  • It will start automatically syncing all the passwords and usernames for your accounts.
  • That’s all.

NOTE: This method may not copy all the content from iCloud Keychain due to certain restrictions imposed by Apple. In such cases, transfer the data manually.


That’s all you need to know about transferring account logins from iPhone to Android. This method is for those who own Apple products to keep their passwords and usernames on Keychain iCloud. If you have followed the process without mistake, it will transfer passwords from iCloud Keychain to Android. The good news is that this workaround uses a third-party password manager. This means you can use it with almost any platform from here on. Enjoy!