Tomb Raider Reloaded Soft Launch Begins In Select Regions! Learn More Here

Tomb Raider Reloaded is an arcade game that brings top-down shooter gameplay with next-gen visuals on Android and iOS. Prestigious game developer SQUARE ENIX LTD is releasing Tomb Raider Reloaded mobile to mark the 25 year anniversary of the most famous gaming franchise featuring a female protagonist in history. Right on cue, the official soft launch of the free-to-play game is underway in Thailand and Phillippines. Players are invited to join Lara Croft on her latest epic adventures. Gamers outside the select regions can download Tomb Raider Reloaded 0.7.0 Apk from the link below to install early access update anywhere.

Mobile games have advanced significantly on the back of rapid improvements in technology. Smartphone and tablet hardware quality continues to progress so much so that developers are confident enough to release graphic-intensive games to smaller devices without worrying about making concessions that compromise the playing experience.

It stands to reason that more and more established studios will port popular titles to mobile platforms for securing a slice of the expanding revenue pie. We have already seen this trend unfolding with beloved PC and console games such as Genshin Impact, Pokemon Unite, The Witcher, Diablo Immortal, and others launched for handheld devices in recent months.

We now have more information about the Tomb Raider Reloaded release date of the full version, current status, and main features. So let’s get started.

tomb raider reloaded soft launch

Description Tomb Raider Reloaded:

Tomb Raider Reloaded first soft launch draws new Tomb Raider game to mobile. The development work appears almost complete under Emerald City Games in partnership with the Square Enix London team.

As mentioned in a previous tweet, the public release is slated for sometime in 2021 though the exact launch date is not yet confirmed.

As you can see in the preview clip, Lara Croft is going to raid ancient tombs and unearth relics for hidden treasures.

Moreover, departing from previous renditions Tomb Raider 2021 introduces funny elements into the mix.

Tomb Raider Reloaded Teaser Trailer:

While the trailer offers not much in the way of overall style, it’s clear that Lara’s design gets an upgrade that would appeal to the ardent fan community of the franchise.

Discover More:

Wrap Up:

Square Enix seems to be concentrating on the mobile platform more than ever. We already know that two new Final Fantasy games, named Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier and Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, are expected to debut in the coming months. And now with Tom Raider Reloaded, the developer signals further intent to keep on delighting mobile players with even more entertainment.

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