Taurine Jailbreak Update v1.0.4 Download Available With Fixes And Improvements

Developer CoolStar behind the newly released Taurine Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad has rolled out a major update. This version brings important bug fixes on top of under-the-hood improvements to increase battery life. If you’re already rocking the latest iOS jailbreak on your Apple device, consider updating to Taurine version 1.0.4 for a more stable experience on iOS 14 to iOS 14.3 firmware.

For those new to the iPhone jailbreak scene, Apple usually pulls the plug on its older mobile operating systems just days after pushing a new build in the public domain. This is to pre-empt any development on the jailbreak front as it could compromise gadget safety and data security.

While the official support for the latest builds is not available, jailbreak users can take comfort in the fact that no functional tool is out there to perform iOS 14.4.x jailbreak anyway.

This leaves only a handful of fully working tools such as Checkra1n, Unc0ver and Taurine that receive regular updates to enhance performance levels and stability on iOS 14 to iOS 14.3 devices.

Staying with the pattern, the team of developers behind Odyssey issues a critical update for Taurine jailbreak, with version number 1.0.4 offering better battery life.

taurine jailbreak version 1.0.4

Taurine Jailbreak Version 1.0.4 Update:

As mentioned above, the latest Taurine jailbreak update to version 1.0.4 features major fixes to the underlying code. The new changes manifest in the form of snappier firmware navigation coupled with delivering prolonged batter timings.

If your iPhone or iPad is running this tool, we would recommend you install the latest build with the following fixes and betterments.

Taurine v1.0.4 Changelog:

According to the patch notes accompanying the Taurine v1.0.4 IPA update, here is what you should expect in this build:

  • Improves battery life
  • Fixes hangs when renaming certain tweak dylibs
  • Fixes userspace reboot failing for certain users
  • Fixes full system hangs for certain users

Taurine Jailbreak On Twitter:

You can visit the authorized Twitter page of the Taurine jailbreak team for all the latest news, updates, information, discussions, and more.

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Download Taurine Jailbreak Update Version 1.0.4 For iPhone And iPad:

If you are already running Taurine jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad, simply head over to the official website of the developer to download the Taurine latest version or sideload it from the AltStore. This jailbreak tool is compatible with iOS 14 to iOS 14.3 firmware, including the new iPhone 12 series of smartphones.

That is all for now, guys. Let us know how the jailbreak is working on your iPhone or iPad in the comments section below.