How to Sync iPhone or iPad without iTunes on Mac

Apple has killed iTunes after 18 years since it was first released to help users sync their iPod music library. In subsequent years, iTunes support expanded to include iPhone and iPad syncing. Starting from macOS Catalina, iTunes software will no longer function as a standalone program to manage and sync content from iPhone, iPad or iPod. iTunes for Windows will keep getting updates, so PC users need not worry. But this raises a question as to how you’ll be able to sync iOS devices without iTunes on Mac? Here is what you need to do sync iPhone or iPad on macOS Catalina now that iTunes no longer works on Mac.

Apple is no stranger to springing surprises at its fans. Its latest move involves abandoning iTunes in favor of three separate applications for podcasts, movies, and music. Judging from the response, people seem receptive to the announcement. However, there are some who are not aware of the new method to use iTunes to sync data such as apps, movies and create backups, and more.

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How To Sync iPhone or iPad with the Mac

So how do you sync your iOS device with the Mac running macOS Catalina or later? According to Apple, these are the new steps to sync iPhone or iPad on Mac.

  • Plug in your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.
  • Wait till it shows up in Finder on iTunes window.
  • A list of available options will then appear on the interface, including backup, restoring an image file, and more.
  • Select backup/sync to save your content from your iOS device.
  • That’s it. The process is the same except the placement of the sync option has moved to Finder.

Here is the screenshot showing the new syncing method.


As can be seen in the above picture that the interface is essentially the same as the one on previous versions of iTunes only from now onward users need to enter the Finder app for syncing purposes.

Another thing to note, when you connect an iPhone or iPad using a Lightening table or USB cable – nothing happens. No pop-up window will open neither would it take you to the Finder section automatically. You have to open Finder manually to get to the settings related to the iOS device.

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