Download Steam Link for iPhone, iOS and Apple TV [Official App]

Steam gaming streaming service has rolled out the official app for iOS and Apple TV devices. Here you can download Steam Link for iPhone and Apple TV free app from the link below. Initially rejected by Apple to feature on the App Store, Valve’s Steam Link app link is up once again.

steam link iphone app download

Steam Link for iOS aims to plug the gaming experience gap between desktop and iPhone or iPad. After being barred from featuring on the App Store due to infringing on Apple’s “store-within-a-store” guidelines, Steam Link is finally available to download free on compatible devices.

At the time of first rejection, Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, cited a number of reasons in response to a user email stating that “a number of guidelines around user-generated content, in-app purchases, [and] content code.” However, the iPhone maker remained committed to ultimately bring the experience over to the iOS platform. So here it is, the official Steam Link for iPhone and Apple TV. Let’s see what is in it for users.

Steam Link for Apple TV and iPhone / iPad / iOS

The app promises to enable users stream games from a Windows PC or Mac through a local network. For reasons mentioned above, Apple’s initial resistance to allowing Steam Link for iOS and tvOS has given way to the official release of the app after developers have ironed out the previous stumbling blocks in its approval.

steam link for iphone download

What is Steam Link?

The Steam Link app brings desktop gaming to your iPhone or iPad. Just pair an MFI or Steam controller to your device, connect to a computer running Steam on the same local network, and start playing your existing Steam games.

The Steam Link platform allows Steam players to play their game library while linking their tvOS or iOS device to a host PC or Mac. On the reverse side, it also makes it possible to stream Steam games via Apple TV, iPhone or iPad.

steam link for ios download

Steam Link Install Requirements

  • iPhone or iPad using iOS 10 or higher
  • Computer running Steam – Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • iOS device must be on the same local network as the computer running Steam

Recommended Setup

  • Connect your computer using Ethernet to your 5Ghz WiFi router
  • Connect your iOS device to the 5GHz band of your WiFi network
  • Keep your iOS device within a reasonable range of your router

Download Steam Link for iPhone and Apple TV

If you’re a fan of Steam game streaming service, download Steam Link from the App Store link below.

Steam Link App

So have you tried Steam Link on your iOS or tvOS device? What are your views on its performance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.