[Speed Up Galaxy S22]: How To Boost Samsung Flagship Phone

Here is a simple trick to speed up Galaxy S22 phone. If you own Samsung Galaxy S22 or an older Galaxy-branded flagship device but experiencing throttling issues, follow the steps in the guide below to boost performance on your mobile.

Samsung has been grappling with criticism over its Game Optimisation Service (GOS) handling, including on the S22 series. Essentially, the investigation conducted by Geekbench, later reported in a series of tweets, found the South Korean electronic company limiting the performance of its smartphones.

One UI 4‘s GOS software is at the heart of the controversy, which slowed down thousands of apps to extend battery life while maintaining performance.

To clarify the official stance regarding the whole GOS saga, Samsung has published a FAQ on its Korean customer support website. In its response, the tech firm explains how the GOS “optimizes” GPU and CPU performance so it can thwart excessive heating issues that may surface on handsets. GOS (Game Optimization Service) helps the mobile phone optimize games to the best possible configuration that would not cause overheating or battery drain.

However, as mentioned earlier, the GOS management system ended up throttling performance significantly more than expected, particularly in games, whereas other apps showed normal working status. This resulted in Geekbench delisting Samsung apps.

speed up galaxy s22

To address this bottleneck, Samsung released a new feature that primarily enables users to disable GOS, but the option is hidden, so you have to dig through a few menus to reach it.

So if you are wondering how to speed up Samsung Galaxy S22, the first thing to do is disable the GOS without compromising game performance.

Disable The Game Optimization Service To Speed Up Your Galaxy S22

Here are the steps to disable Game Optimization Service and boost speed on your Galaxy S22. Thankfully, the process is simple enough that anyone can easily apply it on their devices.

Step 1: On your mobile handset, open the Game Launcher app.

Step 2: On the app’s main menu, tap on the More button in the bottom right corner of the interface.

game launch galaxy s22

Step 3: Once the menu opens, tap on Settings.

game launch galaxy s22 settings

Step 4: In Settings, look for the Labs option and tap on it.

game launch labs galaxy s22

Step 5: Now, you will see another menu. Here, you’ll see a toggle next to a setting that says Alternative game performance management. Enable it if it’s turned off.

alternative game performance management galaxy s22

Step 6: That’s it.

Once you enable the option, it is all set to function. You can now head back to whichever game you played on your Galaxy S22 with the peace of mind that your device will not throttle. The method is simple and speeds up your Galaxy S22.