Sileo Beta Released As Cydia Alternative For iOS Jailbreak Devices

Sileo has pushed the first beta of his Cydia replacement platform for iOS jailbreak devices. Ever since Saurik’s announcement that Cydia is officially shutting down, jailbreak enthusiasts started looking for a reliable tool to replace the revered iOS jailbreak companion for tweaks. The developer took some time putting finishing touches to Sileo’s Beta for iOS jailbreak. Now the first beta version of the Cydia alternative is live for everyone to download on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch jailbroken on iOS 11. Keep reading to know all there is about first Sileo beta for iOS 11 jailbreak devices. With the passage of time, we will see the number of jailbreak tweaks populating Sileo’s platform increase as its exits the beta phase into the more stable version for use on most jailbroken devices.

sileo cydia alternative first beta released

Electra jailbreak is an established name in the iOS jailbreak community and the team of developers behind it seems committed to keeping the concept going despite its glory days long behind it. The latest evidence of the seriousness is the release of the first beta update of Sileo’s Cydia Alternative.

Sileo Cydia Alternative for iOS 11 Jailbreak Is Now Available

Electra’s new platform is tailored to replacing Cydia as the main package manager for downloading jailbreak tweaks to customize iOS devices. The beta version is expected to contain errors and bugs, which renders it unsuitable as a daily driver. As is the case with most beta releases, the stability issues and errors will be sorted out with each new update.

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Sileo’s beta works only with the latest version of Electra, as of this writing. Moreover, Unc0ver jailbreak remains unsupported for now. That much said, some users have expressed their satisfaction with regards to the tool’s performance by stating that they haven’t encountered any hiccups on their devices so far.

On an iPhone or iPad jailbroken with Electra jailbreak, you can download Sileo by heading over to the Electra repo.

In addition to this, the payment support option is only available with Dynastic repo. Reports say that a similar payment gateway will be brought over to the Chariz repo soon. A majority of users is complaining about bugs and errors when installing or uninstalling tweaks, so be sure to exercise caution as to what you download from the repository until a stability fix comes along in the next round of updates.

Sileo says that he is working to smooth out the performance issues in the next iteration of the tool. The story is still developing, we will get to know more on this front as more details emerge. For now, this is all we have to share with you. Have you tried Sileo’s beta update for iOS 11 jailbreak? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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