How To Share Photos And Videos From PC Windows To Instagram [2019]

Is it possible to directly share pictures and videos to Instagram from PC? Well, the short answer is, Yes. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to easily upload pictures and videos from PC to Instagram.

Previously, it was only possible to quickly share images and clips on Instagram through the help of third-party applications. Although they perform the intended task but not without the danger of compromising the security of your device.

Many such apps by unknown developers quietly harvest user data, login credentials, and require permission to access the device’s features. Sharing your sensitive information with app developers should be avoided as much as possible.

Moreover, pictures taken from DSLR have to be compressed and edited through software like Photoshop on your PC. Also, when the editing is complete, you are required to share the final image to your device for uploading it to Instagram. All these extra steps can waste a lot of time, especially when you have multiple photos to share.

Therefore, to cut through all the unnecessary steps, follow this simple tutorial to share photos and videos to Instagram straight from your computer. There is no need for any app or software. But before starting, why not check out how to share panorama pictures on Instagram.

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share photos to insta from pc

Steps To Share Pictures And Videos To Instagram From Windows PC:

First of all, open Google Chrome web browser on your PC desktop or laptop running Windows 10.

Now open Instagram and sign in with your login credentials.

Once you have logged in to your account, press Ctrl + Shift + I key combination in Chrome. This will open the Console Window. You can also open this window by clicking the three-dotted icon at the top right of the web browser’s interface. Then head over to More tools > Developer tools.

chrome developer tools option

In the console window, you will notice various errors colored in red. Simply ignore them and move on to the next step.

console window chrome browser

Now select the Toggle device toolbar by clicking on its icon or press Crtl + Shift + M keyboard shortcut.

toggle device toolbar chrome console window

Once done, click on the Responsive drop-down menu and select your device from the list. Mine is situated in iPhone 6/7/8 option. Furthermore, although there are other device options, however, to get the best display resolution, you should choose the iPhone 6/7/8 option.

chrome responsive drop down

After making your selection, refresh your Chrome web browser once.

This will add the bottom toolbar in the Instagram window similar to the one on the mobile app.

Now just click on the + sign to directly upload photos and videos to Instagram from your PC’s browser.

instagram upload from pc

Browse the video or photo to instantly share. You can crop, edit, and add captions before uploading it, just like you do on the mobile version of the Instagram app.

That’s all. Your desired media file is now shared with your followers and friends on the world biggest photo-sharing platform.

To remove the photo from your account, click on the three vertical dots and delete.

Final Words:

So this is a simple method to share photos/videos from PC to Instagram without having to use any software or app. Do leave your feedback in the comments box below.

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