Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Stock Wallpaper (Download Free)

Samsung Galaxy S10 is still a few weeks away from the official global unveiling but we have already managed to grab the official stock wallpaper that will come packed inside a bundle of wallpapers soon to be released along with the smartphone. This Galaxy S10 leaked wallpaper is the work of a team of Android developers. We have shared below the QHD+ quality wallpaper with a 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution in PNG format. You can use the image as the main background on any Android device or iPhone.

Samsung needs a big hit to restore the waning market confidence in the company’s handsets that took a jolt following a lukewarm sales figures of 2018 models of Galaxy flagship devices. The rise of other Android phone manufacturers, especially Chinese OEMs, has resulted in the smartphone market getting saturated and making it a challenge for the established players to keep their revenue stream constant year after year.


Alongside Apple’s yearly iPhone announcement, Samsung’s Galaxy phone launch is one of the most anticipated events everyone marks their calendars for. Samsung promises that this 2019 Galaxy S10 smartphones series will offer what most people have been asking for ever since notched handsets became the norm: a notch-less phone.

It remains to be seen whether the tenth anniversary Samsung Galaxy model packs enough punch to entice the owners of S9, S8 and older models to consider the upgrade. That said, removal of the much-derided notch is definitely a step in the right direction.

We haven’t seen a radical change in the phone design since the Galaxy S7. Personally, I feel that Samsung put its foot off the gas when designing its S8 and S9 handsets. Playing safe no longer guarantees success in the rapidly saturating smartphone market. Intense competition means even the big players will have to constantly produce innovative products in order to keep people interested in their devices.

It can clearly be seen on the leaked images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 phones that notch has been replaced by punch-hole on the top-right corner of the display screen. A slightly bigger space is reserved to accommodate dual-camera sensors on the bigger S10+ model, which shouldn’t pose much of a distraction given the larger display size.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Wallpaper

First of all, it is hard to say with certainty whether this leaked wallpaper is ported from the firmware on the original device. I received this via an email from a Chinese source who claims that this wallpaper is as original as it gets. But after comparing the leaked wallpaper with the home screen shown on the leaked images of the upcoming devices, I had to put my disbelief aside.

The wallpaper shades are composed of gradient red and blue color patterns. We can’t discount the possibility of this wallpaper being an outcome of the work of photoshop. However, the final version does seem sharp when applied as your homes screen background and you would be hardpressed to tell the real from the customized image.

This Galaxy S10 leaked wallpaper has the resolution of 1440 x 2960 and is available to download in PNG format. Visit our wallpaper section for more.