Rocket League Sideswipe Season 4 Launched! Learn More Here

Epic Games in collaboration with Psyonix Studios released the mobile version of Rocket League last year with the title Sideswipe. Since then, the arcade game has become a hit on Android and iOS, with millions participating in soccer matches featuring attractive vehicles. And now, the game enters Season 4 with several new rewards, benefits, bonuses, and much more for players to enjoy.

So What’s New? Rocket League Sideswipe Season 4 brings a new arena, rocket pass, crossover unlocks in ‘Rocket League’ Proper, and more.

The latest season improves upon the already impressive mobile port of PC and console versions, making it even more fun to play on mobile devices.

rocket league sideswipe season 4

Another new crossover event with the full Rocket League game on consoles and PC is arriving through July 19th. Participants can compete in various challenges in Sideswipe to collect “Calculated” goal explosion in both the full game and mobile versions. There is also a “Calculated” avatar for Sideswipe.

In addition, Rocket League Sideswipe is bringing Daily Challenges, bringing back 2v2 Hoops, besides handing out rewards for Ranked players for Season 3.

Moreover, there is the new “Eggscalibur” which is “adventure-themed” and available right now for matches.

That said, the most prominent inclusion relates to “Mutator Madness,” a new game mode in which each match features a different set of “mutators” that when enabled change the gameplay elements such as boost strength, gravity on the ball, and more.

Mutator Madness is a new casual game mode that alters the rules of a match using random mutators. At the end of each match players will vote on if they enjoyed that match’s mutator settings. Based upon player votes, the possible set of mutators will be reduced day by day until a winning combination is set on Friday. The winning mutator settings for that week will be playable through the upcoming weekend with a double XP boost.

As you can see, the Eggscalibut Arena borrows from the medieval theme of this latest season.

The new game mode called Mutator Madness contains elements like unlimited boost, flipped gravity, a square ball, and much more.

Like previous seasons, gamers can work their way through a new Rocket Pass that unlocks new items over the course of 50 levels.