Removing mshelper Malware To Stop CPU Throttling On Your Mac

A new type of malware has afflicted Macs around the world. According to reports, Mac users are complaining about CPU throttling on their machines. There seems to be no apparent reason behind this sudden surge in the abnormal behavior that consumes unusually high system resources and processor power. But the initial reports suggest that the mshelper malware is the main culprit here. So in this article, we will be looking at how you can check and remove mshelper malware from your Mac to restore it to normal state.

If you ever though that Macs, unlike Windows PCs, are immune to virus and malware attacks, you are advised to reconsider your position. Contrary to popular misconception about Mac safety, virus and malware are just as likely to attack MacBooks, iMacs and other Mac OS devices as their Windows counterparts. Hacking techniques are getting increasingly sophisticated in modern times, leaving all digital devices vulnerable to infections at the hands of nefarious actors. This fact is once again reinforced by the recent mshelper malware attack afflicting Macs around the globe.

remove mshelper on macos

mshelper Mac Malware

What are the signs that your Mac is infected by mshelper malware? Well, in recent days, Mac users started to notice that the battery on their computers is draining at an unusually fast rate. On older models, the issue aggravated to an extent that it rendered battery virtually useful by emptying it in no time. Linked to this fast battery drain on Mac is another issue of fans blowing at full-speed due to a lot of CPU power consumption even without any user-initiated processor intensive task or app running on the device or in the background.

If you have been on the receiving end of any of these issues lately, then it’s time to break this unfortunate news to you that your Mac probably has mshelper malware on it. When inside, this malware puts undue strain on machine resources resulting in them running at their maximum limit.

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As of this writing, no one has identified any discernible reason to suggest that it’s a virus or if it’s an internal issue that’s causing hardware to go haywire. So far, best guess is that it could be either an adware or some sort of cryptocurrency mining attempt by hackers spreading this malware on Mac machines around the world to suck the computing power of host devices to mine currencies for its creators. Owing to the lack of concrete evidence and information as to how it’s spreading on Macs, you would be better off avoiding installing software from dubious sources.

However, if you are already encountering this mshelper caused issue on your Mac, here is what you can do to address it until Apple release official fix.

remove mshelper malware on mac

How To Remove mshelper On Mac

First, you need to determine whether your device is infected by the mshelper or not. Here are the steps to find out your Mac status:

Step 1 – On your Mac, launch the Activity Monitor app.

Step 2 – Click on the CPU tab in the app to ensure that all the processes are shown in order of the ones consuming the most resources.

Step 3 – At the top of the list, look for a process by the name of mshelper.

Step 4 – If it’s there, try to close the process but it won’t work as it keeps opening on its own. What you need to do is to delete the following two files at the given paths to removed mshelper completely:

  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.pplauncher.plist
  • /Library/Application Support/pplauncher/pplauncher

And this is how you Remove mshelper malware from Mac. Until Apple releases the official bug fix, this is your best bet to tackle this annoying issue.

Source: Reddit

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