PUBG PC Version Update Released [Complete Changelog]

An incremental PUBG PC update is now live for players worldwide. This flight mainly addresses gameplay issues that surfaced after the installation of last week’s update.

pubg pc update release notes

The latest update for PUBG PC features fixes to gameplay bugs, ironing out of the slight problems with visuals related to the Erangel Ghillie Suit and the High Waisted Shorts. That said, performance issues, unfortunately, haven’t been fully fixed in the latest update.

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PUBG PC Latest Update Release Notes

PC Players: An update has been applied to live servers without downtime.

– Fixed issue which caused players inside the BRDM-2 to take damage when impacting destructible objects
– Fixed issue where the pan hitbox was positioned higher than intended

Additional minor fixes:
– Fixed visual issue with High Waisted Shorts overlapping some shirt skins
– Temporarily removed visually updated Erangel Ghillie Suit which will be re-added when the Erangel Visual Remaster comes to live servers

The big update #30 has been released last week, introducing plenty of new content and features, such as a new vehicle and weapon.

New Vehicle: BRDM-2 

“Players feeling froggy for a fight will now have the chance to call down an armor plated amphibious assault BRDM-2 by using the Flare Gun!”

  • BRDM-2 can only be called in as a special Care Package using the Flare Gun on all maps and it replaces the armored UAZ.
  • Over waterways or terrain, this amphibious vehicle increases your options to navigate firefights and the Battlegrounds themselves.
  • Characteristics
    • BRDM-2’s total HP is 2500 and its health is twice as much as UAZ, while its gigantic, sturdy wheels cannot be damaged.
    • Powerful bulletproof vehicle that can reduce incoming damage such as ammunition based assaults as well as grenades and red zone damage.
    • BRDM-2 is an amphibious vehicle that can continue to ground travel on water, but players can’t shoot while on board.
    • It has a capacity of up to four players on board, and Its top water speed is 22km/h and top speed on the road is 102km/h when boosted.

New Weapon: Deagle

“Bang Bang Pow? That’s the sound of two shots from a Deagle breaking a level 3 helmet.”

The Deagle is a handgun that deals the strongest pistol damage with great muzzle velocity and will be spawned on all maps.

  • Deagle can deal 62 damage per shot and take both red-dot and holographic sights, various magazines and a laser sight that improves hip fire accuracy.
  • With greater than average pistol damage and muzzle velocity comes harder to control recoil.
  • Deagle has a single firemode type that uses .45 ACP ammo and the standard magazine fits 7 rounds. (It can be extended to 10 with an extended magazine)

PUBG for PC is available in all regions across the globe. The game supports Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS platforms.

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