PUBG Mobile 0.8.1 Beta Is Out Now – See What’s New In This Update

PUBG Mobile beta is released for the selected few in the Chinese market. Those lucky enough to be part of the PUBG Mobile Beta program can go ahead and install the new beta 0.8.1 on their smartphones to try new changes before others. If you are not a beta member yet, we have this guide on how to join PUBG Mobile Beta program to assist you.

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With the new beta update installed, testers will be able to sink their teeth into everything new introduced by the developers of the hit online FPS shooter game. Players of PUBG Mobile anxiously await for the beta updates with the same enthusiasm reserved for the full and final release.The beta updates provide a window into changes and features that the developers have planned for public. The purpose of PUBG beta updates is to test new features before incorporating them fully into the public version release.

PUBG Mobile 0.8.1 Beta is Available to Download Now

That said, in the new 0.8.1 beta update, the team of developers have introduced essentially incremental changes to the overall game system in order to make it more stable for use on different smartphones. As expected, there are no new highlighted features being brought inside this flight. Main game mechanics and experience largely remains the same.

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However, according to some posts that appeared online, some of the PUBG Mobile fans have expressed their delight that the new update has enough to install it on their devices. Each new update of this FPS gives us a hint that the team of developers is working to bring the PC version experience onto the mobile iteration in order to streamline user experience across mobiles and desktops or laptops.

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And to that end, a lot of new improvements have already become a part of the gameplay in the mobile version, with more inclusions expected to arrive in the upcoming updates.

As for this version, the sharp-eyed testers have seen the inclusion of the new Sanhok map along with a new vehicle which can be used in the recently introduced Miramar Desert map. A new QBZ95 weapon is also included that will definitely give players an extra option to enhance their arsenal catalog.

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As with every other PUBH Mobile update, inclusion of new items and features is accompanied by customary bugs removals and system improvements to ensure an even better playing experience on all devices. With each new update, lines between the PC and mobile versions are fast blurring as players can now have largely similar experience on both computer and smartphone.

pubg mobile 0.8.1 beta

pubg mobile 0.8.1 chinese

If you play the original Chinese version of the game, then this new beta version is going to be pushed out into the public domain by the end of this month, or during the first couple of weeks of July.

For global users playing the English version, well, as usual, they will have to wait for a few more months after the Chinese version release to see the new features and changes.

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