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Here download and install Proton VPN Mod Apk to get the latest version of free VPN with unlimited data for secure internet browsing and data protection on Android devices. Developer Proton Technologies AG has released yet another big update of Proton VPN – Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited with version now available Google Play Store. Proton VPN is a fast VPN tool that provides a high-speed VPN to safeguard your privacy. Get privacy and secure internet with your own free Virtual Private Network download on your Android device using this fast and secure VPN app. The Proton VPN download link down below works on all compatible devices.

Click on the link below to direct download Proton VPN Apk with a fully working +obb/data file and see instructions in a step-by-step guide to manually install Proton VPN Hack Apk with premium features enabled on Android with and without root.

Moreover, the newly updated ProtonVPN – Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited offers support for Android TV.

But before you proceed to download the Proton VPN Apk app let me walk you through the review, free trial and sign up info, reasons you should consider using a VPN tool, screenshots, preview, walkthrough, and finally how to download and install Proton VPN Apk Mod on the mobile, tablet, and Android TV in 2021.

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Proton VPN Apk App File Info:

App Name Proton_VPN.apk
File Size Varies with device
Latest Version v2.11.90.9
Operating System Android 6.0 and up
Developer Proton Technologies AG
Updated On 2 December 2021
Google Play Store Proton VPN Play Store

Why Use A VPN?

The main purpose of a quality VPN tool is to make online privacy accessible to all. Best VPN apps utilize advanced security technology with multiple free VPN servers located all around the world. This is to ensure that there is always a high bandwidth server nearby no matter where you are connecting from, providing a low latency VPN connection for best performance.


Other major characteristics to consider when choosing a VPN for mobile or computer include the following aspects:


Secure VPN sends your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so your passwords and confidential data stay safe, even over public or untrusted Internet connections.


Keep your browsing history private. It does not log user activity or share data with third parties. Anonymous VPN service enables the Internet without surveillance.


Breaks down the barriers of Internet censorship, allowing you to access any website or content to circumvent censorship in your physical location.

Opt-in to beta in order to enjoy ProtonVPN on your Android TV, smartphone, or tablet.

Proton VPN Pro Preview Video:

ProtonVPN Review:

Let’s start this Proto VPN review by mentioning that, unlike other VPN services, ProtonVPN is designed with security as the main focus, drawing upon the lessons learned from working with journalists and activists in the field.

Welcome to the brand new Proton VPN app for Android, now featuring better connection stability, faster speeds, and even more security features.

Proton VPN is the world’s ONLY free VPN service that respects your privacy and is safe to use. Millions of people use Proton VPN because it:

  1. Does not record your browsing history
  2. Does not display privacy-invading ads
  3. Does not sell your data to third parties
  4. Does not limit how much you can download

Proton VPN is created by the CERN scientists behind ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service with 20 million users, including many activists and journalists such as Reporters Without Borders.

proton vpn

Other main factors in the popularity of the Proton Vpn apk are discussed below.

Is Protovpn Safe?

Regular VPN services can be compromised if their servers are under surveillance or compromised. ProtonVPN prevents this by first passing user traffic through its Secure Core network in privacy-friendly countries like Switzerland and Iceland. Thus, even a compromised VPN endpoint server will not reveal the true IP address.

Swiss Based

ProtonVPN also adds legal protection for your privacy. Headquartered in Switzerland which has some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. Switzerland is also outside of EU and US jurisdiction and is not a member of the fourteen eyes surveillance network.

No Logs

ProtonVPN is a no logs VPN service. It does not track or record your internet activity, and therefore, is unable to disclose this information to third parties.

proton vpn full apk

Perfect Forward Secrecy

ProtonVPN exclusively uses ciphers with Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning that your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later, even if an encryption key gets compromised in the future.

Free VPN

The free ProtonVPN plan is the only free VPN that does not run privacy-invading ads, throttle your bandwidth, or sell your data to third parties.

Tor Over VPN

ProtonVPN also integrates with the Tor anonymity network. With a single click, you can route all your traffic through the Tor network and access Onion sites.

Furthermore, with ProtonVPN Apk Mod you will be able to access P2P support, unlimited bandwidth, 10GBIT servers, connect up to 10 devices, and 24/7 professional support.

ProtonVPN On Twitter:

You can visit the official Twitter account of Proton VPN to find all the latest information, news, announcements, updates, join discussions, and more.

Proton VPN Main Features:

Proton VPN is created by the CERN scientists behind ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service with 20 million users, including many activists and journalists such as Reporters Without Borders.

Proton VPN’s Free VPN Service

  • STRONG ENCRYPTION – Your data is protected with AES-256 and 4096 RSA.
  • SWISS-BASED – Your data is protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.
  • NO LOGS. EVER – We never log or share user data. Even if authorities request information, we have nothing to share.
  • PERFECT FORWARD SECRECY – Your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later.
  • MULTI-PROTOCOL SUPPORT – Proton VPN supports two secure VPN protocols: IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN.
  • DNS LEAK PROTECTION – We encrypt your DNS to ensure your browsing activity cannot be exposed through DNS queries.
  • ALWAYS-ON VPN/KILL SWITCH – Protect your IP address from being leaked through accidental disconnects.
  • FULL DISK ENCRYPTION – Our VPN servers are fully encrypted to protect your data.
  • ANONYMOUS – You do not need to share any personal data to use Proton VPN.
  • SPLIT TUNNELING SUPPORT – This advanced feature allows you to select what traffic goes through the VPN tunnel.
  • BYPASS BLOCKING – Smart protocol selection automatically overcomes VPN bans and unblocks censored content.
  • TRUSTED – Our code has undergone a security audit and is open source.
  • MULTIPLE PLATFORM SUPPORT – Easy to use on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.

Proton VPN Paid Features

  • 1000+ high-speed servers in 50+ countries.
  • Access blocked/censored content and stream your favorite videos.
  • Secure Core servers that protect against network-based attacks with multi-hop VPN.
  • Support for file-sharing/BitTorrent.
  • Tor over VPN provides automatic integration with the Tor anonymity network.
  • High speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
  • Connect up to 10 devices to VPN at the same time.

Note: Free users can only connect one device to Free servers in Japan, the Netherlands, and the US.

What’s New In This Update:

  • This update introduces a new look and feel resulting in a better user experience and is now available in 3 additional languages: Croatian, Indonesian and Turkish.

Protovpn Chrome Extension:

Those looking for ProtoVPN Google Chrome Extension can find more information on the following Reddit post:

ProtonVPN extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox from r/ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Apk Screenshots:

proton vpn apk screenshots proton vpn apk screenshot

Discover More:

Download And Install Proton VPN Premium APK On Android Devices [2021]:

Step 1: Download the latest ProtonVPN Premium v2.11.90.9 Apk by clicking on the link below.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources to allow your Android device to install the .apk file.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded APK on your phone and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Follow the setup instructions on the screen to properly install the app.

Step 5: All Done. Click the download link below for fully working latest app apk.

Download Link

Final Words

So that is all you need to know about ProtonVPN – Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited features, and how to download and install it on your Android device or PC Windows for free.

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