Project Ragnarok MMORPG Release Date, Beta Announcement, And More!

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming Project Ragnarok from the creators of Murderous Pursuits. The Chinese tech company NetEase behind the soon-to-be-released MMORPG title is primarily known as the mobile game developer and publisher worldwide. Taking a break from its recent collaborative efforts with known entities such as Blizzard (for Diablo Immortal) and CCP (for EVE Echoes), NetEase now shifts its focus on the familiar but increasingly crowded Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game genre whose demand has attracted even Nintendo to embrace it with the Pokemon Unite.

In terms of storyline, the MMORPG title Project Ragnarok takes its inspiration from Norse mythology. The game tells the story of Nine Realms multi-ethnic fight against destruction and guarding their homeland.

As for the supported platforms, the game will arrive on PC, consoles, and mobile devices with crossplay functionality.

But what about Project Ragnarok release date? Well, during the firm’s annual games show, the developer did divulge more info on its RPG. Keep reading to learn more.

project ragnarok release date news

Project Ragnarok Preview Trailer:

While precise information is sparse right now, the early preview looks promising as it lets us peer into the fantasy open-world featuring monsters and magic with platforming elements, and several other ways to complete quests.

Moreover, we also now have a glimpse of the upcoming role-playing game in the following trailer.

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Project Ragnarok Platform Support:

First, Project Ragnarok will land on mobile devices. The second and final launch phase will consist of the game arriving on PC and console, with cross-platform play opening afterward.

Is Project Ragnarok Free-To-Play And Download?

Yes! The free-to-play RPG will become available as a download for all on all compatible devices. That said, it will include in-app purchases to obtain character cards and quick upgrades.

When Does Project Ragnarok Beta Begin?

According to media reports, a small-scale beta test will commence at some point later this year. There is no specific date announced yet, but we predict things will become apparent on this front as we approach the second half of 2021.

Project Ragnarok Release Date Info:

Unfortunately, there is no concert release date announced for Project Ragnarok as of yet. Having said that, we will add more details as soon as the official statement about the official launch date is out in the public domain.

In conclusion, these are still early days in the Project Ragnarok development process with coming months likely to bring more news regarding the full and final version launch. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to entertain yourself while you wait for the game to arrive, check this newly released mobile RPG on Android and iOS.