Download Opposite Day Windows 10 Theme For PC / Laptop

Here is a free Opposite Day Theme of the week for all Windows 10 PC and Laptop users. Get the Opposite Day Windows 10 Theme with a collection of wallpapers containing images of landscapes, objects, animals, animation and quotes. The Opposite Day Theme has a range of diverse images depicting nature both in natural settings and through creative work by photographers. The opposite in the theme name implies a message of embracing others and appreciate beauty from someone else’s perspective. It shows the things can be beautiful in all shapes.

You will get wallpapers with contrasting color patterns, styles, sizes, and palettes producing attractive effects in a unique way. These wallpapers are free to download on Windows computers.

To adjust the wallpaper image rotation speed of the theme, go to Settings > Personalization > Background, and click the Change picture every drop-down menu and select the wallpaper change frequency to the desired time limit. You can get more collections of themes in our wallpaper section.

opposite day theme windows 10

  • Opposite Day Theme for Windows 10 | Download

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