Mobdro Not Working: How-To Fix Connection Error On Any Device [2021]

Here is how you can easily fix Mobdro not working issues on your mobile, tablet, or computer. If your Mobdro is having a connection error preventing the app from accessing servers for free video streams on the internet and on your mobile device, here are the fully working methods to resolve the Mobdro not working after the latest update on your Android, iOS, PC Windows, Roku, laptop, desktop, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, Kodi, BlueStacks, and WiFi.

Mobdro is a popular online Live TV channel streaming service. It’s a free tool that constantly looks for HD video streams and Sports channels on the web and makes them ready for use on your mobile device.

Mobdro is available for free in two modes: with Ads and no ads. But many Android users are complaining that they’re getting The live stream is currently OFFLINE! Please try again later error message when trying to use the free version of the official app on their devices.

If you’re struggling to watch movies and stream TV shows using the Mobdro app, read this guide to fix Mobdro not working after the update.

mobdro not working fix

Mobdro Description:

The web Streaming craze ushered in by the popularity of streaming service platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu has gripped the whole world.

The online movie and TV series streaming app and services allow people to watch their favorite content anywhere via portable digital devices and smart TVs at home or office.

This trend is showing no sign of abating anytime soon. Jumping on the growing demand for such streaming tools, we are going to witness more players entering the online streaming arena like Apple TV, Disney+, HBO GO, and others.

However, it is not possible for everyone to have shell out money to pay the subscription fees for each and every streaming platform out there. So, many turn to free apps like Mobdro to watch movies and TV shows for free.

mobdro not working

Mobdro is popular because of the following main features:


Easily find video streams from around the world, on every topic and in every language.


Recommend videos and let your friends know what you’re watching with just one click.


Organize your streams and filter them by language or topic with your player history always at hand.


Download your favorite streams and watch them offline, wherever and whenever you want.

That said, sometimes this app doesn’t always work as expected. Therefore, knowing how to troubleshoot connectivity problems comes really handy to quickly resume the normal service.

If your Mobdro app is not working for some reason, here is how to fix it on your device.

mobdro live stream currently offline try again later

Fix Mobdro Live Stream Is Currently Offline! Please Try Again Later:

One of the most frequently asked questions about Mobdro errors is related to live channels not showing. Here is how to fix the live streaming issue on Mobdro:

1 – Launch a VPN tool on your device. Download a free VPN app from Google Play Store if you haven’t got one already.

2 – Now open your VPN and connect it to a server of your choice. (Choose another country or region)

3 – Once the VPN connection is established, close all recently opened tabs.

4 – Launch the Mobdro app and this time you would notice that the issue is not there anymore.

5 – That’s it.

Since Mobdro is a free app therefore even if the live streaming is back working again on your device there might be other errors that can cause the app to crash unexpectedly or freeze. If your app is not working, see the solution to the common problems below.

Mobdro Not Working Reddit:

You can also join the Mobdro Not Working topic discussion on Reddit for all the latest information, tips, solutions, and be a part of the community of Mobdro users with a similar issue.

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How To Fix Mobdro Not Working Issue [2021]:

Here are the methods to fix Mobdro on any device if it has stopped working for some reason. Let’s go through the solutions one by one.

Mobdro Not Working Android

If Mobdro has stopped working on your smartphone, follow the steps below:

Clear App Data And Cache

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Head over to the Apps or Manage Apps section.
  • Tap on the Mobdro app.
  • In the app Settings menu, you’ll see two options: Clear Data and Clear cache.
  • Clear the app data and cache.
  • Re-launch the Mobdro app. This time it should work.

Install Mobdro Latest Version

If the problem persists, you will need to install the latest version of Mobdro using these steps:

  • Connect your mobile phone to a WiFi network.
  • Open your mobile web browser.
  • Download the latest version of the Mobdro APK app.
  • Make sure to enable the unknown sources to allow the app installation from unknown sources other than the Play Store.
  • Uninstall the previously installed version of the app from your device.
  • Now install Mobdro using the APK file downloaded from the link above.
  • That’s it.

Your Mobdro app should start working again!

mobdro for android

Discover More:

Mobdro Not Working WiFi

Mobdro doesn’t work in all countries. In some places, Mobdro blocks IP access if it identifies that the WiFi connection is in a restricted region. To go around this issue, you should use a VPN app and select a server from a country where Mobdro is functional.

Mobdro Not Working Firestick

Watching movies and TV shows on a bigger display gives a fully immersive viewing experience. This is why many prefer to use Mobdro on their Firestick devices. However, Mobdro could start experiencing issues for a variety of reasons. If it suddenly stops working on Firestick, simply uninstall the affected app and replace the outdated version with the latest Modbdro. This has fixed the issue for many Amazon Firestick users.

Mobdro Not Working Kodi

If Mobdro on Kodi is not working, the easiest way to make it work again is to uninstall the old version and replace it with the newly released app to fix the problem.

Mobdro Not Working BlueStacks

The only way to watch Mobdro movies and Live TV channels on a computer desktop or laptop is through the Android APK app via BlueStacks or similar other Android Emulator tools. That said, if the app stops working, try downloading the latest Bluestacks app. Otherwise, uninstall the previous Mobdro and download the most recent version. Also, make sure that your internet connection is stable.

fix mobdro not working

Final Words

So these are all the latest fully working methods, tips, and tricks to fix Mobdro not working to watch movies online and live TV streaming free on any device in 2021.

Has any of the above solutions worked for you? We would like to hear which one in the comments below.

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