Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Official Gameplay Footage With Stunningly Realistic Visuals Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Here is the first series of videos covering various aspects of the gameplay tested and shared by popular online gaming sources in the videos below.

Players will get to explore the world with highly realistic graphics complemented by advanced technology providing real-time weather and geographic data extracted from Microsoft’s Bing maps. It’s your chance to travel the world for free. Be the best pilot and even fly over your own house as shown in satellite maps.

The beta update preview builds are already available and about to be concluded as the launch date is arriving ever so close.

If you haven’t, here is how to register for Microsoft Flight Simulator today to enjoy arguably the best flight simulator game ever developed in terms of visuals with 37,000 ultra-realistic airports from across the world.

The latest round of Microsoft Flight Simulator gameplay footage offers the most comprehensive look at various elements players are to expect in the full and final version slated to arrive later in August 2020.

microsoft flight simulator 2020 gameplay visual footage

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay Footage 2020:

The new MS Flight Simulator gameplay footage shows flights with the Airbus A320 Neo airliner and the Boeing 747 with an exceptionally detailed presentation of cockpits and the overall environment.

Developers deserve all the credit for paying attention to each and every, minor and major, detail during the design phase. Their efforts have resulted in the quality of visuals that will floor even the ardent critics, though likely not very many.

MS Flight Simulator 2020 Preview – World Exploration

The first video is shared online by PC Gamer that gives an early preview of world exploration dynamics.

MS Flight Simulator Preview – Storm Chasing

This next preview gives you a glimpse of flying through the storm in MS Flight Simulator 2020.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Full Flight From San Francisco To Las Vegas

This preview video by IGN showcases the full flight experience from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

MS Flight Simulator Final Preview Video

Here is a brief overview of the MS Flight Simulator 2020 gameplay before the official release.

MS Flight Simulator 2020 Main Features:

Microsoft Flight Simulator For PC official game has a built-in marketplace where participants will be allowed to sell mods in exchange for money.

Other features include:

  • Vivid and Detailed Landscapes – Immerse yourself in the vast and beautiful world that is our planet with more than 1.5 billion buildings, 2 trillion trees, mountains, roads, rivers, and more.
  • A Living World – Earth is vibrant and ever-changing and so is the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator which includes live traffic, real-time weather, and animals.
  • Highly Detailed Aircraft – Hone your pilot skills in a variety of aircraft from light planes to commercial jets with comprehensive flight models. Every aircraft includes highly detailed and accurate cockpits with real instrumentation.
  • New Checklist System – From pro to beginner, scale your level from full manual to full assist with interactive and highlighted instrument guidance and checklist.
  • Dynamic Weather – The new weather engine enables users to switch on the live weather mode to experience real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain, and more.
  • New Day & Night Engine – Experience flight at any time of day or year allowing for night VFR, visual flight rules, navigation.
  • Aerodynamic Modeling – A state-of-the-art physics engine with over 1,000 control surfaces per plane allows for a truly realistic experience.

A bundle of new screenshots in the Microsoft Flight Simulator closed beta give credence to reports that in-game avatars are indeed customizable. There is no confirmation regarding the extent of customization available to players but this little bit should get sorted before the official game release.

MS Flight Simulator 2020 Graphics Preview:

Here is a hands-on video about Microsoft Flight Simulator PC’s generation leap in visual realism explained by folks over there at Digital Foundry.

An astonishing jump in graphical realism, Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator delivers unprecedented visual fidelity and truly next-generation visuals.