Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 To Feature Unprecedented 37,000 Airports Manually Edited

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. The latest announcement related to the inclusion of 37,000 manually edited airports will only serve to increase the anticipation level further.

This is hugely impressive and not a small feat in any way imaginable considering the Airports Council International (ACI) World Airport Traffic Report, there are a total of 42,000 functioning airports in the world.

Here is what this new means for the upcoming Microsoft’s Flight Simulator game.

But first, if you haven’t, here is how you can register for Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Alpha Build in 2020.

Considered a pioneer in flight simulation gaming, Microsoft is planning to completely overhaul its Flight Simulator with the latest technology borrowed from the real-world aviation industry.


Microsoft Flight Simulator For PC Windows 10 and Xbox One:

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Preview & Walkthrough Video [2020]:

Here is the latest preview of the Flight Simulator gameplay launch trailer with a quick walkthrough of what’s to expect in the latest game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator On Twitter:

You can follow the official Microsoft Flight Simulator Twitter handle @MSFSofficial for all the latest news about the tech alpha build releases and more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Date:

Announced at E3 2019, there is no official release date of the game announced yet. It is slated to arrive sometime in 2020.


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Microsoft Slight Simulator Screenshots:

microsoft-flight-simulator-screenshots microsoft-flight-simulator-screenshot microsoft-flight-simulator-37000-airports microsoft-flight-simulator-2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 37,000 Manually Edited Airports:

Microsoft has rolled out a series of technical alpha updates for its Flight Simulator game. Early looks indicate that it is shaping up to be an entertaining game.

Developer Asobo Studio is consistently teasing out details about the game development updates. More of it is available in a visual format as part of a series of “Feature Discovery” videos.

In one of the latest episodes, lead designer Sven Mestas explains airport design and coverage dynamics. He delves into the development process to reveal that the team manually edited an unmatched 37,000 airports, with maximum precision to accurately depict real-world airports functional across the world.

To accomplish this feat, developers utilized high-end specialized editing tools. Satellite images are used to ensure that airport designs mirror their real counterparts.

Here is the official statement in this regard:

After a lot of triage and selection, we edited 37,000 airports. In order to reach a new level of reality in flight simulation, we needed a new approach. That’s why we decided to innovate by editing airports from real aerials and satellite pictures. This technique involves editing each airport manually, which means particular attention to details has been given to every single one of them to bring them a step closer to reality. This work has never been done at this scale and that’s why we needed to create a specific tool for developers to handle airport editing.

Mestas goes through each step explaining to viewers details about the editing process. Shows methods used to mark each element to design an airport and how algorithms helped automatically give physical shape to the airport in the post-process stage.

Additionally, the developer team picked the top 80 “most played and busiest” airports in different countries and making sure that they are as realistic as possible.

Great care was taken to attend to even the most minor detail such as naming the taxiways after their official titles, sculpting the airport surroundings to give them their real-life aesthetics, and all of it rounded off with unique structures.

Here is the full episode:

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