Mario Kart Tour APK +OBB/Data For Android 2022 [Nintendo Official Action Game]

Download and install the latest version of Mario Kart Tour Apk with +OBB/Data from the link below to play the official Mario Kart Tour on your Android device without root for free. Nintendo has released yet another update of the Mario Kart Tour Apk app featuring the iconic Super Mario character. Mario Kart is an action game that is available free to download on Android devices.

Mario Kart Apk is the continuation of the series of games in the Mario Kart franchise that enjoys great popularity among hardcore fans. You can get your hands on the full version via Mario Kart Tour v2.10.1 Apk available in the download link below

Mario Kart Tour 2022 takes you on a fun ride with the protagonist. The mobile game arrived just a few months after another super hit Nintendo title, Dr. Mario World, on mobile and PC Windows.

As smartphone gaming continues to grow in popularity, Nintendo has ramped up its releases for mobile platforms to capitalize on the trend. And now is the time for another hit Mario Kart Tour app for Android.

mario kart tour official game apk 2019

Mario Kart Tour Apk App File Info:

App Name com.mario.kart.tour.apk
File Size 135MB
Latest Version v2.10.1
Operating System Android 5.0 and up
Developer Nintendo
Updated On 10 December 2021
Google Play Store Mario Kart Tour Play Store

Mario Kart Tour Overview:

mario kart tour full apk 2019

TOUR THE WORLD – Put the pedal to the metal in courses inspired by real-world locations as well as Mario Kart series favorites.

RACE – Put powerful items to use as you gear up the track and go for a high score.

COLLECT – A variety of drivers, karts, and gliders can be collected and upgraded! Find the combo that will lead you to victory.

What’s New In This Update:

  • Addressed known issues

So go ahead and download Mario Kart Tour for Android from the link below and play with your favorite Nintendo characters now on smartphones and tablets.

mario kart tour apk screenshot

Mario Kart Tour Gameplay:

Mario Kart takes a world tour

Mario and friends go global in this new Mario Kart as they race around courses inspired by real-world cities in addition to classic Mario Kart courses.

These destinations will be featured in tours that rotate every two weeks.

In addition to courses based on iconic locales, some of your favorite Mario Kart characters will get variations that incorporate the local flavor of cities featured in the game.

mario kart tour apk obb data for android download link 2019

Endless Mario Kart fun at your fingertips

The Mario Kart series known and loved by many is ready to take the world by storm – one smart device at a time.

With just one finger, you can steer and drift with ease, sling devastating items as you go for the gold in cups filled with new and classic Mario Kart courses.

mario kart tour apk download link 2019

Nab 1st place with items and Frenzy mode

In Mario Kart Tour you have access to an arsenal of powerful items that can mix things up on the racetrack.

Turn up the heat by activating the new Frenzy mode, which gives an unlimited supply of a certain item and makes you invincible.

Make the most of the ensuing chaos, as Frenzy mode only lasts a short time.

Collect drivers, karts, badges, and more

Earn Grand Stars by racing or firing off the featured pipe to receive more drivers, karts, and gliders.

You can also proudly display badges, earned by completing certain challenges, next to your in-game name.

mario kart tour apk app download link 2019

Bonus challenge courses put a twist on traditional races

In certain races, 1st place isn’t always the goal. With names like “Vs. Mega Bowser” and “Goomba Takedown,” these bonus challenge courses demand a different approach to gameplay and strategy.

Race to increase your online rank

Boost with the best of ’em! Your high scores will determine how you compare to other players all over the world.

Keep practicing and trying out different combinations of drivers, karts, and gliders to increase your score and rise to the top.

Mario Kart Tour Walkthrough Video And Preview:

Mario Kart Tour Twitter:

For more, visit the official Twitter account of Mario Kart Tour @mariokarttourEN for all the latest news, updates, information, discussions, join groups, guides, tips, connect with other fans in the global community, and much more.

Mario Kart Tour Main Characters:

Characters are divided into three categories: common, rare and super rare.

  1. Some characters are Rare: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy, and more.
  2. There are currently four characters of Super Rare type including Metal Mario, Rosalina, Dry Bowser, King Boo.
  3. Some characters are Common: Koopa Troopa, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Larry Troopa, and more.

mario kart official app apk download link for android 2019

Mario Kart Tour Challenges:

Currently, players can participate in five challenges:

  • Rocket Start!
  • Race through the rings
  • Do Jump Boosts
  • Don’t crash
  • Glider Challenge

Mario Kart Tour Mobile Screenshots:

mario kart tour mod apk screenshot mario kart mod apk hack cheats 2019mario kart tour apk screenshots

Discover More:

Download And Install Mario Kart Tour Apk For Android:

mario kart apk app download link 2019

Step 1: Download Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk +OBB/Data by clicking on the link below.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources to allow your Android device to install the .apk file.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded APK on your phone and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Follow the setup instructions on the screen to properly install the app.

Step 5: All Done. Click the download link below for fully working latest app apk.

Mario Kart Tour APK

mario kart tour screenshot

Final Words

So that’s you need to play Mario Kart Tour MOD APK/IOS Hack on your mobile or tablet. Leave your feedback in the comments below and stay tuned for more interesting topics.

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