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Here is your guide on how to download and install Last Shelter: Survival for PC Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS and laptop. Last Shelter: Survival is one of the all time hit games on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is also available for PC platform now. This strategy bases game is based on a story of survival in a world full of zombies.

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Last Shelter: Survival is a multiplayer online strategy game. It takes place in the post-apocalypse wasteland where gangs of bandits and hordes of zombies are rampaging. Last Shelter uses a customized and functional construction system, huge variation in the creation of units, the social side, as well as extensive diplomatic freedom for alliances and negotiations. This game is highly recommended for the fans of action strategy games.

You have to build a base to keep your people save from zombies and feed them. As the leader of your camp, it’s will be upon you to ensure that no harm comes near your folks. This requires keeping them happy by feeding them constantly, which means you have to be on the search for food, resources, shelter and weapons at all times while fighting zombies on the way.

Once you manage to put things under control, the next step is to settle down and expand your base and area of influence. Other players will try to loot your resources. Defend your area like there is no tomorrow.

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  • Build shelter and customize it according to the surrounding situation.
  • Protect your people by erecting defensive walls covered with barbwire.
  • Join forces with other players from different countries to strengthen your chances of survival.
  • The stronger the alliance means more enemies. So be ready to defend your people and food stock against the attacks of other players who want your resources to wane your influence.
  • It’s a multiplayer game where you can join forces with others in order to build a shelter. Gather resources and prevent the world from going over to the dogs.

In the beginning, you only have a small base and a few resources to fend off zombies and rival players. As you progress by completing missions, your area will start to expand.

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Once you have enough items at your disposal, use them to build buildings and structures to rebuild the wasteland.

You can build farms, garage, hospitals, houses and other living places in your area. It’s not only about killing zombies, you have to sustain a community of humans as well. Key is depending on your own judgement to build your base.

As you complete a chapter, new characters and scenarios unlock that adds twist in the tale. Your character has certain abilities which you can improve during the course of the game in order to win wars.

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You have to protect your people through strategy and planning. The game has unique elements that are addictive. It is developed by IM30 Technology Limited who also produced Last Empire War Z. Many players complained that they couldn’t fully enjoy the game on smaller smartphone screens. Good news is you can download this game on a PC Windows 7/10/8/8.1 or a Mac.

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It is free to download on any Android or iOS devices via Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. Better still, you can now play Last Shelter: Survival for PC on desktop or laptop using Android Emulator.

How To Download and Install Last Shelter Survival On PC Windows & MAC

1 – Download BlueStacks or your favorite Android emulator from official link here.

2 – Install Android Emulator on your PC Windows or Mac by following on-screen instructions.

3 – Now launch your Android app player tool on computer. Make sure you’re logged into it using your Google account ID otherwise you won’t be able to install apps through the built-in play store.

4 – Search Last Shelter Survival and install it. You can also install it via Last Shelter Survival APK by clicking on the downloaded APK file but ensure that you have selected your Android emulator as default program to run APK files on your PC or Mac.

5 – When the installation is complete, go to the All Apps or home screen of your Android emulator tool and click on the game’s icon to open it.

That’s all. Play Last Shelter Survival for PC Windows and Mac for free. You can play this game on bigger PC displays using mouse and keyboard via Android emulator.

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