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Kick the Buddy is the best stress relief game currently available on Android and iOS, according to its developer Playgendary. Shoot a stuffed puppet with pistols or rifles, explore grenades and even drop a nuclear bomb. Let off some steam and get rid of your anger. Download Kick the Buddy for PC and Mac to play this action game on bigger display of your desktop PC or laptop.

kick the buddy download

Kick The Buddy is an anti-stress game that allows you to hit a rag doll anyway you want. This is a useful way to relieve tension related to work or personal issues. Shoot the poor puppet to see how many points you can score in a limited time.


There are endless possibilities to do evil in this game. You will have infinite ammo at your disposal to attack the mannequin in various styles. You can hit it with your fists, use knives, missiles, grenades, or anyway your imagination can come up with to attack this household item. Besides fruits and other blunt objects can also be used to hit the puppet.

You have several options to control your attacking moves. Click on your weapon and throw it at the doll, or grab the puppet and smash it on the wall or place it on the exact spot you like before attacking it. If you have a large arsenal to attack, you will have to unlock it using in-game currency or spend real-money on instant purchases. To quickly earn game currency, you have to destroy the puppet first.

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Download Kick The Buddy and hit the rag doll to relieve stress on daily basis. Inflict unimaginable torture on an animated rag doll called Buddy. It has a happy-go-lucky personality that reminds you of Jim Carry in the movie The Mask. It’s fun and giggles for the rag doll before you start playing.

kick the buddy pc download


It all begins when you grab Buddy and stretch it to the limits of its elasticity. Then you will find out other ways to inflict damage on the puppet using items like firearms and spanners. The sound of its high-pitched voice while screaming due to blows will put you in a good mood.

The destruction is unceasing. Buddy is resilient and never dies no matter how torturous the ordeal is for him. He keeps coming back at you like a loyal puppet who never has any hatred for its master. The rag doll is designed to bear pain and don’t want to disappoint its master.

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Kick the Buddy for PC has plenty of weapons to shake things up. Standard firearms provide satisfaction, however using your own powers to strike gives more pleasure. Just when you think that Buddy is done and dusted, it comes back more rejuvenated than ever and starts teasing and taunting you to no end. Hit the rag doll with apple pies to you ultimate delight.

Positive Points: Kick the Buddy is simple to play stress-reliever. The numerous and unthinkable ways to stomp on Buddy keep it interesting.

Negatives: It’s a freemium and as is the case with most of the similar titles it bombards you with advertisement to make money. Developers of Kick the Buddy might have gone overboard with ads here because they appear a lot more frequently than other freemium games. They keep shoving ads down your throat and to ratchet up the agony they make you watch them to earn in-game currency such as gold and coins.

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Conclusion: Randomly striking a rag doll to relax is fun for a while however there is not much else to keep you hooked. Game system allows you to level up as you inflict more damage on Buddy. Level up is the only form of reward for maximum damage. A buddy on whale system would have been a welcome addition.

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A caveat for parent that despite having a fun facade, Kick the buddy may not be suitable for kids as it contains hitting and damaging. Buddy has a humorous voice but don’t let it distract you from the injuries Buddy suffers. So if you want a violence free game for your child, we reckon Tamagotchi to be a better choice.

How To Play Kick The Buddy On PC & MAC

Download and Install Action Game Kick the Buddy on PC devices running Windows and Mac operating systems. You can install and play Kick the Buddy for PC on your desktop and laptop. You can use BlueStacks or any of your favorite Android emulator to Download Kick the Buddy for PC and Mac. Follow these steps to play Kick the Buddy on PC Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS, and Mac OS X.

1 – Download and install your favorite Android emulator on PC Windows or Mac.

2 – Launch BlueStacks, Nox Player or any other Android app player and go to its built-in Play Store.

3 – Search for Kick the Buddy in the play store. If it is not available, download Kick the Buddy APK from a reliable source on the internet. Make sure to set your Android emulator as default program to run APKs on your computer before clicking on APK.

4 – Install the game and open the app drawer or all apps tab in your emulator tool.

5 – Follow the on-screen setup instructions to play Kick the Buddy for PC.

That’s all for the guide on Kick the Buddy for PC (Windows & MAC). You can configure your keys inside BlueStacks (or other Android emulator that has the same function). Moreover, using Android app player, you can also map keys to specific locations. There are options to assign keyboard keys for swipe, tap, move, up, down, left and right etc. to makes it easier to play on computer.

Download Kick the Buddy for Android and iOS Devices

  • Google Play Store | LINK
  • Apple iTunes | LINK

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