KFConsole Specs, Price, Release Date, Pre-Order, And More! [KFC Official Game Console]

KFC stunned the world when the fast-food chain (known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) announced its very own KFConsole as a rival to Xbox and PlayStation, with one special feature to distinguish it from other established players in the console gaming arena.

KFConsole is a game console that takes on Microsoft and Sony to snatch some wings (pun intended) of the video game industry’s rapidly expanding revenue pie. To many, the unveiling may come across as something too fantastical to believe but KFC seriously launched its delicious gaming device by partnering up with Cooler Master, according to CNET.

But is KFConsole real or fake? Well, here we answer all of your questions. So keep reading to learn about this “Finger Likin’ Good” development as well as the latest information about specs, release date, price, pre-order availability, and more.

kfc game console

KFC’s Official KFConsole Gaming Console Launched!

KFC Gaming Twitter account dropped a bombshell on 22 December 2020 as it lifted the curtains on the KFConsole equipped with a Chamber Chamber.

The differentiating factor that separates KFC’s gaming console is its Chicken Chamber allowing players to place pre-cooked chicken to stay warm while they’re busy playing their favorite titles.

Before we delve any further into the KFConsole specifications, here is the launch trailer taking a dig at both XBOX and PlayStation by claiming that the console war is over:

Cooler Master describes the device on its website by stating, “Never risk letting your chicken go cold again thanks to the patented Chicken Chamber.” The developer further reveals that the console’s specially designed heat and airflow system will make it possible for players to concentrate on their gameplay while enjoying “hot, crispy chicken between rounds.”


The gaming console by KFC resembles a cross between a miniature PC and a hot wings bucket in terms of overall looks. Device aesthetics appear to be markedly unlike other game consoles owing to its special compartment glued on top of the heatsink chamber where gamers can place actual chicken wings to warm them while playing games!

KFConsole Specificaions:

Gimmicks aside, it does seem like a full-fledged high-end gaming console that is comparable to the next-gen Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 when it comes to hardware specs.

Cooler Master created the console, effectively putting to rest any doubts that you might have regarding its availability for purchase out in the real world.


The new KFConsole is the outcome of a collaborative partnership between Cooler Master for KFC and a group of expert spearheaded by Swedish craftsman Timeplay. The mod team spared nothing in its way to design a beast that defies expectations. Seemingly a small unit houses powerful processing components inside a customized Cooler Master NC100 chassis.

Powered by Intel Nuc 9, Core i9 9th Gen CPU together with ASUS swappable GPU slot, and PCIe NVMe form the main engine that boasts six times faster speed and game load times shrunk to seconds.


The manufacturer also claims that the KFConsole is VR ready. Ray Tracing, 240FPS, up to 240 Hz gameplay for 4K TV gaming, it has it all.

Importantly, you never run out of games because a couple of Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD ensure the next level of performance, reliability, and efficiency on a game device.

However, the killer feature of this console has to be the fried chicken chamber. KFC and Cooler Master have placed a small drawer for allowing hot air emanating from the heat sink to escape through it. Keep your chicken crispy for an extended period of time!


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KFConsole Main Features:

KFC promises next-gen console performance in its KFConsole. The following features highlight the main capabilities accessible to players out-of-the-box.

VR Ready

Get on your feet and enjoy the world of Virtual Reality while the smell of fresh chicken captures your senses.

Ray Tracing

Rays of light individually simulated creating true to life shadows and reflections that will immerse you in selected games more than ever before.


240FPS With Up To 250HZ Output

Enjoy smooth and fluid high-frame-rate gameplay at up to 240fps for ALL games, with support for 240Hz output on 4k displays.

4K-TV Gaming

Enjoy your favorite games in Finger Clickin’ Good 4K quality on supported devices.

Get ready to power your hunger!

KFConsole Screenshots:

kfc game console 3 kfc game console 2 kfc game console 1

KFConsole Price, Release Date, Pre-order, Controller:

Cooler Master’s website says that “The KFConsle has arrived.” However, official sources are yet to mention in clear words when and how people can buy this new game console.

So far, we only know the specs of this powerful console that is shaped like the KFC bucket, and the way it can warm food. Not much is known about the release date.

Details about the pre-order process are kept under wraps for the time being. There is not much in the way of Information about the KFConsole controller. We will keep you posted with all the latest developments on this front, so stay tuned.

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