iOS 16.4 New Major Features [Updated List]

Here are all the major new features in iOS 16.4 for iPhone. Apple has pushed the Release Candidate (RS) build of the iOS 16.3 follow-up to developers as the final beta testing nears its conclusion. This means the tech giant is gearing up to launch the firmware update to the general public in the next couple of days. As with any major iOS update, users can expect a surfeit of changes, additions, improvements, and more features. If you want to know what’s coming your way in iOS 16.4, keep reading to learn more.

ios 16.4 features

iOS 16.4 Major Features Bring Several New Functions To iPhone:

Apple will release iOS 16.4 on Tuesday 28th March 2023 if nothing unexpected comes in the way of usual operating system update release cycle. That said, if Apple decides to roll out another release candidate build, it could push forward the final version another week. iOS 16.4 may not introduce groundbreaking changes, it does include a decent number of modest features. Check out the list of features coming with iOS 16.4 below.

Safari Web Push Notifications

Starting with iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4, users will be able to receive notifications for web apps on their iPhones. Although the features is not new, it offers a new way to interact with websites saved as apps.

Home Screen Web Apps

Another welcome option on iPhone and iPad allows users to add apps and websites to their Home screen via third-party browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Additional customizable option assists users to personalize their experience with badges and Focus integration for web apps. This resonates with how users interact with stock apps on the iPhone.

ios 16.4 new features

Download iOS/iPadOS Beta Updates In A New Way

A new and easier way to download and install iOS and iPadOS beta updates is coming to iPhone and iPad devices. Previously, users had to download a specific configuration profile from the Developer Center, and then install the update in the Settings app. But with iOS 16.4 onward, the latest beta builds will arrive directly in the Software Update options in Settings on all devices registered to the developer program.

Page Turning Animation For Apple Books

In what would be a nice return, Apple Books will regain the page-turning animation. Moreover, the theme section now has more page-turning options for users.

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New Emojis

As usual, some new emojis are part of the mix, including a fan, a gray horse, a shaking head, a blackbird, and much more. The new lineup of emojis will give users more ways to express their emotional actions and reactions.

Podcast Interface Tweak

Podcast interface gets a tweak. You can now access channels in the Library section. Besides, Up Next enables users to resume shows where left and pick up saved sessions, in addition to other changes. Also enlarged is the Apple Music profile button for quicker access.

ios 16.4

HomeKit Architecture Updated

Apple will bring back the upgraded HomeKit Architecture after the previous version was infested with issues and bugs. The update aims to improve the user experience while ensuring overall platform stability.

Shortcuts Get Workflows

Users get a new way of creating workflows for controlling the Always-On display and locking the iPhone. With Shortcuts, you can control Stage Manager and perform other functions in a more easy manner.

Apple Music Classical App

And finally, one last major features in iOS 16.4 could come in the form of a brand new Apple Music Classical app, which is currently available on the App Store.

ios 16.4 major features

Other Features

  • Mastodon content Previews
  • 5G Support in Turkey
  • Apple Card High-Yield Savings Account
  • Tweaked Always-On Display settings
  • Cellular Calls will feature Voice Isolation
  • iCloud will remove duplicate images
  • Flash in Accessibility
  • Optimizations for Crash Detection

Along with the above, iOS 16.4 will include several fixes to bugs and performance issues apart from security updates and stability improvements. What features you are most interested in trying? Share your thoughts in the comments.