iOS 15 To Bring Major Updates To iMessage, Safari, Maps, Health Apps, And More! Details Here

Apple’s annual WWDC event is scheduled for later today where the tech giant will unveil details about its iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 operating systems for eligible iPhone and iPad devices.

However, hours before the start of the virtual stream of the WWDC 2021 keynote, rumors with regards to various aspects of the upcoming iOS firmware have already started percolated through the internet treadmill.

According to early reports, it seems the Cupertino tech giant has more changes planned for the next big software release than many had initially expected or anticipated from the company.

Expounding on this development, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Joanna Stern, is of the view that the “big updates” will positively benefit a number of Apple’s stock apps and official services.

Due to pandemic-induced restrictions, this year’s conference is, once again, a virtual affair in which developers from all over the world can tune in.

ios 15 big updates

iOS 15 Big Updates:

It’s certain that we are going to get our first glimpse of iOS 15 along with iPadOS 15. Both firmware will allegedly incorporate several groundbreaking functionalities coupled with exciting additions, some of which were only available to iOS jailbreak users. Moreover, Stern from the WSJ predicts large updates coming to Maps, Health, iMessage, and Safari apps.

Owing to Apple’s watertight control over leaks, there isn’t a great deal of information out there regarding these rumored “big updates”. That said, mounting speculations are only adding to the veracity of the early claims by various media outlets. It’s highly likely that the updates teased so far are baked into the next major iOS and iPadOS versions for iPhone and iPad. As to the release date, developers will be able to access the aforementioned platforms starting next week whereas the final public version will arrive later this year.

Now let’s dig into what we think is in store for the apps mentioned above in version 15 of iOS and iPadOS.

iOS 15 Safari Browser:

Starting with Safari, we can guess that Apple will continue to pin its main focus on further improving on privacy and security of its web browser.

Under the supervision of its CEO Tim Cook, Apple is in the middle of a sort of privacy protection battle against developers and companies that try to track users and leverage the gathered data to create unique profiles of individuals without their explicit and informed consent. Perhaps it is not surprising to see Apple not relenting on that front at any cost.

iOS 15 Health App:

When it comes to the Health app, not much is known at the moment but several suggestions floating on the internet point toward the 2 trillion dollar behemoth going after popular foot trackers, such as LoseIt and MyFitnessPal. Instead of relying on third-party apps for proving nutritional value tracking information, merging similar capabilities with the Health app offers a better user experience through the streamlining of all the physical and nutritional data within Apple’s ecosystem.

iOS 15 Maps And iMessage:

As far as the Maps app is concerned, we have a scarcity of reliable information to quote alluding to its new features. On the other hand, frequent iMessage users would rather have Apple spruce up existing features within the messaging application than introducing new functions. For example, syncing iMessage with iCloud is often a pain that adversely impacts especially those iMessage users who keep multiple devices across platforms.

In Conclusion:

In short, we have plenty to explore in the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The first beta update is now available to download and install on iPhone and iPad.

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