iOS 15 Jailbreak Status: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

iOS Jailbreak fans wondering if it’s possible to jailbreak iPhone running iOS 15 or later, here are all the details on the current state of iOS 15 jailbreak.

Apple released iOS 15 for the public at the time of the new iPhone 13 series launch a few months ago. The latest version of smartphone firmware comes with a catalog of advanced features heralding a new era of mobile computing. In addition, it brings a slew of security patches and bug fixes to plug loopholes identified in the previous version of iOS.

If you have an interest in jailbreaking your iPhone running the latest iOS 15 builds, you should know about the jailbreak status relevant to the operating system.

At present, there is no jailbreak exploit available for iOS 15, iOS 15.1, and newer versions. Keep reading to learn more about the reason for it and the possibility of iPhone jailbreak on older builds.

ios 15 jailbreak

iOS 15 Jailbreak Is Possible But Apple Has Made The Task Tougher For Developers

In the early days of iOS, jailbreaking iPhone was easier. But since then, Apple has incrementally strengthened the core operating system structure. This roadmap of gradual improvements papered over cracks that developers could exploit to create unauthorized tweaks for customization purposes.

Looking back, iOS 14.5 was the most recent version on which a successful jailbreak was achieved. After that, there is no workable solution out for iOS 14.5 to iOS 14.8. This indicates an increasingly stringent crackdown on Apple’s part that has disincentivized developers from releasing a tool potentially capable enough to help jailbreak.

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For example, even if an iOS 15 specific jailbreak does come to fruition, Apple will simply roll out a patch in the next update. As a result, developers remain silent so as to keep the software vulnerability from leaking out in the public domain thus bringing it under Cupertino company’s radar which often follows up with the blocking of any route that could lead to jailbreak.

And so, of late, it is rare to see the release of a jailbreak tool for the initial releases of major iOS versions.

ios 15 jailbreak status

Currently, owing to Apple’s walled garden, achieving a jailbreak on an iPhone running iOS 15 is proving a really hard challenge to overcome even for the most skilled developers. The main reason behind it relates to any modifications within the root file system rendering your iPhone unable to boot up. In simple words, a working jailbreak app must unlock IOS without modifying any of the system files. Plus, it should accomplish that task while remaining rootless; no reboot.

In the light of the above arguments, it is imperative for jailbreak developers to embrace a new approach to jailbreak iOS 15. But first, they must locate an exploit in the firmware. On a positive note, iOS 15.1 does contain an exploit at the kernel level which grants hope to some. A security researcher demonstrated the exploit on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The exploit permits writing on the kernel memory. Nevertheless, Apple’s enhanced security protocols will not make it easy for developers to jailbreak the latest builds while ensuring a stable experience at the same time.

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However, if you’re still running iOS 14 to iOS 14.3 on your iPhone, the jailbreak option is still accessible. That said, just make sure that you refrain from updating your device until a working jailbreak arrives for newer versions. Although odds are not in favor of the next major exploit, we hope someone manages to outfox Apple for the collective benefit of the iOS jailbreak community.

That’s all, guys. What are your thoughts on the iOS 15 jailbreak situation? Leave your comments below.