iOS 15.4 Brings Notes To iCloud Keychain Passwords! Here’s More

Starting iOS 15.4, iPhone users can add notes to their Keychain passwords. In the early beta, iOS 15.4 bring several valuable additions to the iOS mobile firmware from Apple.

As people with access to the first developer beta release have discovered, a few modifications to neglected aspects in the previous version are on the way.

Among the new features are the option to add notes to iCloud Keychain, a 120Hz refresh rate for third-party apps, a new app for trading in old devices, and Face ID unlocking while wearing a mask.

ios 15.4 keychain notes

Until now, users could save passwords in Keychain, albeit with a few noticeable omissions. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Apple currently offers extra spacing to enter freeform text next to passwords. The reader could contain any combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. Additionally, notes associated with passwords are permanently available like on any other password manager.

Like any other Keychain password and username, users can protect their text notes with Face ID or Touch ID. So you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping into your private information.

Despite all this, a significant issue with Apple’s Keychain remains unaddressed. We are talking about the lack of a standalone Keychain app for managing passwords. At present, Keychain is accessible only in the Settings app, which further hampers user experience due to its limited interface flexibility and functionality.

Hopefully, Apple will get around to fixing these drawbacks in future iterations of iOS. Unless the Cupertino tech giant pays more attention to enhancing Keychain, it will continue to lag behind apps like Dashlane and LastPass.

The iOS 15.4 first beta update is currently under testing in the developer channel. How long it will take before the upcoming version opens to the public remains anyone’s guess—probably weeks with more betas expected to arrive in the coming weeks.