How To Hide Photos And Enable/Disable Hidden Album On IOS 14 [2020]

Here is how you can easily hide photos in iOS 14 firmware on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in 2020. The new hidden album feature arrives in Apple’s latest iOS operating system on all compatible devices. You can enable or disable the iOS 14 Photos and Hidden Album inside the Photos app whenever you like.

The option to access the hidden photos iOS 14 feature and iOS 14 hidden album from the iOS 14 Photos app are among the most useful additions in the latest version of the mobile firmware by the Cupertino tech company.

See a step by step guide below to learn how to hide Photos and Hidden Album on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices running on the latest iOS 14 or later versions.

hide ios 14 photos and hidden album

iOS 14 Hidden Photos And Album:

Apple has released iOS 14 for all supported smartphone and tablet models all across the globe.

The new mobile operating system fixes a rather odd feature:

A hidden album in which you could save photos is part of the stock Photos app for quite some time now.

However, up until the iOS 14, there was a slight oversight on Apple’s behalf which meant that you could always find and open photographs and images placed inside the album called Hidden with a few simple gestures and taps. So, contrary to what common sense would dictate, there wasn’t much privacy to boast about, when taking into account the original concept or at least not in a way the company intended to apply it.

Thankfully, this issue is a thing of the past now. Here is how you can hide photos on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and hide/unhide Hidden Album in settings.

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How To Hide iOS 14 Photos And Access Hidden Album:

The iOS 14 allows you to hide the album, along with the hidden photos inside of it, so all of your pictures that are supposed to stay clear from view remain undercover.

It’s always useful to have the ability to hide and unhide photos in the simplest way possible. Although there is one reminder for you to note so keep reading to know what it is.

For now, here are the steps to hide your photos, followed by the instructions on hiding and unhiding the hidden album.

Hidden Photos iOS 14

  • In your stock iOS 14 Photos app, simply select any photo that you wish to hide.
  • Hit the Share icon on the bottom left corner of the interface screen.
  • A share sheet will pop up, now scroll down and tap on the Hide option.

hide photo ios 14

iOS 14 Hidden Album

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS 14 device.
  2. Scroll down the menu and select Photos.
  3. Find the Hidden Album option and turn the toggle switch to ON position to make the album visible and turn it OFF to hide it.
  4. Once done, open the Photos app where your Hidden album will have reappeared. Or disappeared. Depending upon your choice.
  5. All done.

hidden album ios 14

Now back to the reminder we mentioned above. While the hidden album will be out of the view inside the Photos app, applications will still have access to it and the images contained within it when using the photo picker. So keep this important aspect in mind when you put photos into the album. Images in the Hidden album are invisible until they aren’t but then again they’re sometimes anyway.