Download iOS 12.4.5 IPSW For Full Version OTA Update [February 2020]

Download the latest iOS 12.4.5 IPSW from the links below and use the OTA file to install the final version of iOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in 2020. This OTA update features stability fixes and performance improvement tweaks.

The iOS 12.4.5 is meant for the owners of older devices that no longer receive the official iOS 13 support from Apple. So if you’re using a device that isn’t compatible with iOS 13 or iOS 13 beta you should update right away.

Apple usually pulls the plug from the older versions soon after the release of its new mobile firmware. However, rocking the most recent operating system protects your device from bugs and errors.

ios 12.4.5 ipsw direct download links 2020

Why Download iOS 12.4.5 In 2020?

Well, there are a few reasons you should consider iOS 12.4.5 download on your device.

Here are the main ones:

Although iOS 13 has completed half its life journey there is still quite a lot of appetite for the previous mobile operating system particularly among the fans of iOS jailbreak. Get the iOS 12.4.5 links to install the jailbreak compatible version.

So if you are looking to jailbreak an iOS 12 device using ChimeraSileoFilza, or any other jailbreak tool with or without PC to enjoy jailbreak tweaks on rooted and non-rooted devices, then download iOS 12.4.5 full version for free using IPSW links below.


Installing a major software update on the iPhone or iPad takes time. This could be due to a problem with network connection, weak WiFi signal, mobile data issues, or Apple’s servers slowing down as millions try to download it simultaneously across the globe.

That said:

Unfortunately, we are in no position to confidently tell you how long an iOS update will take on your device because there could be any number of reasons and variables involved that differ with each case.

So what you should do?

For seamless installation, we suggest using a reliable WiFi Connection, that’ll surely help. Or you could wait until the initial hysteria surrounding the update fizzles out as it offloads pressure on servers from having to manage download on a large number of devices.

Discover More:

iOS 12.4.5 OTA Update [2020]:

Thankfully, iOS 12.4.5 update is on a liter side. The download shouldn’t sink too much of your time. The most it will take is when the download manager performs device check, searches for the update before applying it. Older devices normally take longer to complete the process. All you can do in such situations is to sit and wait.

As with any firmware update, creating a data backup on iTunes or iCloud saves you from unnecessary headaches down the line. Do ensure that your device data is safe and then proceed to download.

The iOS 12.4.5 installation via WiFi took around 20 minutes on our device.

Regardless of how long it takes, we’d recommend updating sooner rather than later. These official updates are always handy, whether or not you’re into jailbreak or planning jailbreaking iOS in the future.

iOS 12.4.5 IPSW Full Version Direct Download Links [2020 OTA Update]:

To download iOS 12.4.5 over-the-air head over to Settings > General > Software Update, or install using IPSW files below:

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