iOS 11 Icon Pack For Android APK Download Free

Download and install iOS 11 Icon Pack full version for Android devices. The iOS 11 Icon Pack APK is free to download from the link below. Want to get iOS 11 app icons on Android? With iOS 11 Icon Pack Apk, Android smartphone owners will be able to use iOS 11 icons. iOS icons are popular but not everyone likes to be tied to Apple closed iOS firmware. The iOS Icon pack makes it easy to keep using iOS app icons without having to purchase Apple’s iPhone or iPad. See how to download iOS 11 Icon Pack on your Android device in the guide below along with instructions on how you can apply iOS 11 icons. There is no need to root your device for this tool to work.

ios 11 icon pack app apk

The interface of iOS is one big reason behind its popularity among mobile users. It has undergone a number of improvements over the years. Each new major update of iOS since iOS 7 brought new elements to the interface and app icon design. The simplicity and flat look of the app icons form a beautiful combination. That said, what iOS gives in terms of aesthetics, it falls short when it comes to functionality. The firmware still has a lot of ground to gain if it wants to match a broad range of features Android offers.

You, like many, may not be a fan of iOS but there is no denying that there are Android users who want to get a taste of iOS UI on their devices. App icons are among its strong points of the iOS. They’re colorful, simple, unique, stylish, and pleasant looking. If you want to try iOS icons on your Android phone, iOS 11 Icon Pack APK for Android is the tool you can download free.

iOS 11 Icon Pack APK for Android

Here are some screenshots of iOS 11 icon pack apk app for Android. You can get this icon pack without spending anything on it. The app iOS Icon Pack is compatible with all Android devices. There are many similar icon packs which claim to mirror the iOS icon for Android. But the iOS 11 icon pack for Android is the only one that comes closest to giving the same iOS experience. Here are the screenshots of the application.

ios 11 icon pack apk ios icon pack apk

Download iOS 11 Icon Pack for Android

Click on the link below to download iOS 11 Icon Pack on your handset. This is the latest version of iOS 11 Icon Pack APK. There is also a Google Play Store version of the iOS 11 Icon Pack if downloading it via APK isn’t something you’re comfortable with.

How To Install iOS 11 Icon Pack On Android Phone

1 – Download the iOS 11 Icon Pack APK from the link above and save it to your device’s storage location.

2 – PC users can copy the APK file onto Android mobile via USB or wireless transfer.

3 – Make sure to ‘Allow Unknown Sources’ in Settings > Security.

4 – Now use any file manager tool to locate the APK and tap on it to start the installation.

5 – Follow on-screen instructions to finish the setup process.

Apply iOS 11 Icon Pack on Android Devices

  • From your app drawer, launch Cleandroid UI.
  • On the left side of the interface, tap on the main menu icon.
  • Now tap Select Apply.
  • All available launchers will be accessible from here, but to install them, you have to visit Google Play Store.
  • Once the launcher is applied, head over to its Settings and apply the iOS Icon Pack.

That’s it. Enjoy iOS app icon style now on your Android device.