Intel Divides High-End Desktop CPU Platform Into Two: Z399 and X599

Due to escalating cost concerns and increasing competition in the processor unit market, Intel has decided to carve its HEDT (High-End Desktop) platform into two distinct series: Z399 and X599. This change will be seen in the upcoming LGA 2066 and LGA 3467 platforms. This report initially published by the PCBuildersClub online portal sheds light on Intel’s plans to split its HEDT platform to streamline future product releases and, more importantly, eliminate bottlenecks in the production. The new Z399 and X599 chips will be the successors to the Skylake-X and X299 series.

intel z399 and x599 news

Intel in previous Computex conferences has been seen praising the superior power of their 28-core chipset running at 5 GHz and slotted on top of the large LGA 3467 socket. The X299 platform, on the other hand, utilizes the LGA socket 2066, which is the smaller variant with fewer pins. Intel wants more space to add the number of cores on the current architecture. The main problem with using HEDT processors on the current socket is that it is very expensive, which could be brought down only by diversifying.

The second generation Ryzan Threadripper processors has upped the ante on Intel driving the company to make changes to the established pattern of production in order to consolidate $1500 market segment. According to PCBuilderClub, the next generation of Intel Z399 motherboards will support processors carrying 22 cores, whereas the X599 will be compatible with the 28 core units.

The major threat to Intel’s HEDT platform will come from the AMD Threadripper series, as the latter has the red-gold’s core-price advantage. All eyes are on Intel whether it can mount a challenge to AMD’s hegemony in that market segment.

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