How To Use Tinder Account Without Facebook Profile [2022]

Here is how you can use Tinder Without Facebook Account in 2022. Tinder is the biggest online dating platform these days. The rationale behind it is to connect people in a nearby location to meet up and find potential life partners. The smartphone location service is used to determine the status of active Tinder users in the vicinity on both Android and iOS platforms. The official dating service acts as a conduit to connect people who share similar interests with each other. It deploys AI algorithms to match profiles of link-minded people in order to help them test the compatibility of matches as potential partners.

The Tinder dating app has users in millions across the globe. The success of this online dating service model has spawned many copycats but most of them have not been able to replicate the exclusive features available only on the Tinder application. Many users, for different reasons, are also interested in knowing how they can use Tinder without Facebook. This is exactly what I am going to cover in this post.

Those new to Tinder might not be aware that the dating app requires access to the user’s Facebook account information for setting up the profile. It is a requirement that cannot be skipped by default. Thankfully, a few workarounds can disconnect Tinder from your Facebook account. This is when you don’t want your Facebook friends or family to learn about your activities on Tinder.

Are you into online dating? Tinder is a popular dating app that helps discover new people while ensuring maximum privacy. Finding a male or a female partner has never been easy. Many users want to keep using the Tinder account without the need to connect it to their Facebook profile. The reason is simple; they don’t want their private life information shared with Facebook contacts. So if you are wondering whether it’s possible to get a Tinder account without Facebook, I have good news for you. Keep reading to learn ways to disconnect your Tinder from Facebook and de-linking both services.

use tinder without facebook

Using Tinder With Facebook:

Tinder is one of the most downloaded applications on smartphones. It requires users to have an active Facebook account. Facebook’s monopoly over the social media landscape makes it difficult for developers of other apps to ignore it. Nowadays almost every other app asks users to sign up with a Facebook account. This makes many ask questions such as Does Tinder Post Your Activities To Facebook? Or is it possible to Tinder without Facebook?

Swiping right in search of potential partners doesn’t come without strings attached. An active Facebook profile is a must in order to set up your Tinder account. This is to allow users to see common Facebook friends that could be potential hookups in the future.

However, those who do not like sharing their Tinder activities on public platforms, such as Facebook, don’t have many alternatives. That said, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Teenagers don’t like to be upfront about their romantic lives to acquaintances in online spaces. Facebook is the number one social media platform but when it comes to online dating, Tinder remains the go-to choice of millions.

Tinder scours your Facebook profile data to find suitable matches for you. It gleans your Facebook friend list, likes, shares, and photos to show you a list of people who share your personality traits, interests, or possess the attributes you find appealing. The main aim is to present only the most relevant search results. This is to enhance the “privacy factor” and lower the “embarrassment factor”.

The app has a clean, simple interface. It is straightforward to use. If you like someone on Tinder, simply swipe right on his or her photo, else swipe left. Tinder is the best way to hook up discretely without anyone knowing about it.

If you find the thought of people finding out about your relationship disquieting, then disconnect your Tinder from Facebook. I am going to cover how to go about it in the following section.

But before that, it is important to know the reason behind linking your Tinder account to Facebook. What sort of Facebook account information does Tinder require access to? And why you should unlock them?

Tinder accesses the following items from your Facebook profile:

  • Main Facebook page
  • General profile information
  • Your age
  • List of friends
  • Status update
  • Email address linked to your Facebook account
  • Relationship preferences
  • Your Birthday
  • Education (school, college, high school, university attended)
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Name of the city where you live
  • Photos
  • Services and pages liked

Tinder is a widely used free dating app. Its location-based service links you to people for dating in your area. Talk to strangers whose interests match yours and see how things go on from there. Tinder is available for all smartphone users.

Once linked to your Facebook account, Tinder saves your profile, pictures, and other related information. Tinder uses this data to create a user behavior profile which can then be used to search for the most suitable matches. There is also a downside to this practice of trawling through personal information. This not only leaves your private information exposed to hacker attacks in case of a data breach but it could also fall into wrong hands.

Follow the instructions below to disconnect your Tinder account from Facebook. I have also shared some thoughts on how you can improve your Facebook privacy.

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Why Does Tinder Require Facebook Account?

It’s simple: to prevent abuse. Tinder uses your Facebook account information to find the best match for you and keep unwanted individuals away from your profile.

There is no need to upload photos on tinder all over again as it already has the permission to access your Facebook images and automatically import them to your Tinder profile.

Why You Should Disconnect Tinder From Facebook?

There are three main reasons: protect your contact information, keep photos private, and online privacy.

Tinder goes through your Facebook contacts once you allow access to your contacts, either in the phone app or on Facebook.

Let’s be honest, we don’t want family and friends’ photos to be automatically synced and shared on Tinder. Both apps serve their own purposes. Mixing family gatherings and sharing photos with strangers who you are in the process of getting to know isn’t a clever idea.

All records of your darting history are not only saved on Tinder but it’s also connected to your Facebook profile. Chances of leaks double if security on either of the two platforms gets compromised, which we have seen often in Facebook’s case.

How To Disconnect Facebook Account From Tinder:

To avoid going through the process of setting up a new Facebook account, here are the steps to block your Tinder activities from showing on your Facebook.

This method involves going to your Facebook account’s privacy settings that are accessible to the Tinder app and managing who has the right to view your Tinder activities.

  • Open your Facebook profile page.
  • You will see a lock icon on your homepage’s upper-right corner, click on it.

facebook settings

  • Select Apps on the left pane.
  • Click on the Tinder app on the list.
  • On the top right corner, there is a drop-down box, click on it.
  • For the App visibility and post audience setting, select Only Me.
  • Here, you will also be able to allow or revoke Tinder access to your Facebook profile information.

facebook apps settings menu

  • Hit the Save button to finalize changes.
  • That’s all.

Tinder is the best online dating platform. On the other hand, Facebook is a great way to interact with loved ones in your friends and family circle. Both serves perform their own purpose so it’s best to keep them separate. But is it possible to use them without having to link them to each other?

The answer is yes, Tinder without a Facebook account is possible to prevent anyone from misusing your personal data. But what do the experts say, are there any benefits of using Tinder without Facebook?

Why You Should Use Facebook With Tinder?

There are a few good reasons to link your Tinder and Facebook accounts. Firstly, the dating app, Tinder, doesn’t post your activities on your Facebook timeline, and none of your friends on the social network will know about your daring endeavors. Second;y, by linking your own profile, you will keep imposters away. Moreover, it will ensure that you don’t appear in search results on the Tinder of your friend and family members.

I hope this article helped you. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the topic, or share any tips that you might know.