How To Turn Off Microsoft Launcher Timeline On Android Devices

Here is a guide on how you can easily disable timeline on Microsoft launcher for Android smartphone and tablet. Microsoft Launcher is popular among Android users because of its many configuration optionscustom wallpapers for lock screen, and seamless integration with the rest of Microsoft apps and services. If you’re not fond of it, click here to uninstall Microsoft Launcher. If you like the theme but don’t particularly fancy its timeline feature, here is how to disable it on your Android device.

disable timelime on microsoft launcher for android

Microsoft’s Timeline feature first made its way on the Windows 10 operating system. It uses the Microsoft Graph with which you can get back to the apps or documents you were working previously, as well as presents the most recent instance of websites or web pages so you can resume your browsing session from where it was left. Its success prompted the company to release the mobile version on the Android platform. Timeline for Microsoft Launcher on Android carries many of the same features found on the PC version.

You can start and work on activities on multiple devices, such as mobiles and computers, that are linked to the same Microsoft account.

However, there is a small issue when it comes to viewing tasks across several devices: Microsoft Launcher makes your activities available on your smartphone, which for many could be convenient, but for others, it can raise a big red flag related to privacy.

See the step below to turn off timeline on Microsoft Launcher for Android devices.

Disable Timeline on Microsoft Launcher for Android

If you no longer want to see the Timeline activities in Microsoft Launcher on your phone, perform these steps:

  • Launch Microsoft Launcher on your device.
  • Pres and home the home screen to bring up the Launcher Settings and tap on it.
  • Next, tap on Your feed.
  • Turn the toggle switch next to the Timeline.

disable microsoft launcher timeline

That’s all. This will disable all Timeline activities from showing on your Android phone.

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