How to Stream USTVnow Through A VPN

USTVnow provides online streaming service. Though available all across the United States, accessing the service is a bit tricky when abroad. The service is primarily for US residents users to stream online movies, TV shows, and live channels. The USTVnow gives Americans living outside the country access to US TV channels. It delivers live streams to your computer, TV, or mobile device all over the world. However, this streaming service comes with a few strings attached, as we are going to discuss here along with the solution to access USTVnow using a VPN.

USTVnow grants pass to online streams of your favorite channels. Using the service is straightforward. Simply sign up for an account, start playing your favorite channels. Paid subscription with extra features, such as access to all channels and DVR capabilities, is also available.

watch ustvnow using a vpn

However, there are a few restrictions on using USTVnow. You can stream from anywhere only if your IP is linked to an American address, or if you’re residing in the U.S.

This is where a VPN app helps. With the reliable proxy tool, it is easy to unlock USTVnow to use all available content over a private and secure connection. Keep reading to learn how to watch USTVnow using a VPN without restrictions outside the U.S.

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What’s USTVnow?


USTVnow streams variety of channels from the United States. It broadcasts networks like AMC, FX, HBO, ABC, CBS, Animal Planet, BBC America, and others, in various categories. It is compatible with all popular platforms. It is a conventional and affordable streaming service.

USTVnow Subscription Plans

USTVnow has three subscriptions plans: Free, All, and All + DVR. All you need is a valid email address to sign up and get limited access to live streaming content right away. If you’re a huge TV buff, then register for the full plan to get all 24 channels and available networks. Here are the three USTVnow subscription plans:

  • Free Channels – A free plan with channels including ABC, CBS, CW, my TV 9, and PBS. You can rent movies to go with limited DVR features. HD streaming offer is valid for 10 days trial period, at the of which videos will be available in strandard definition (SD) quality.
  • All Channels – All 24 USTVnow channels are part of this plan, including broadcast networks and a some cable channels such as FX, Comedy Central, and others. It works on all compatible devices, including smartphones. Watch Full HD streams, get movies on rent and enjoy DVR features for handful of content.
  • All Channels + DVR – USTVnow’s primum plan offers High-Definition streaming service for all channels coupled with unrestricted DVR. This plans gives you the ability to record content to watch offline.

Each of the three USTVnow offers a free limited-time trial, which can be discontinued whenever you like. Channel streaming is only available for users outside the U.S., so those living in the United States will need to have a VPN tool to use the streaming service.

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Movie rental collection from USTVnow has a wide variety of content. Browse the film catalog, search for information about the title, and then rent it with a click. HD streaming is available for all the compatible devices. Rentals section has different categories to make it easier to find the title based on your mood.

It is important to note that unlike the service’s broadcast streams, USTVnow doesn’t allow movie rentals outside of the U.S. This could create an issue if you’re traveling abroad, because then you can either watch movies or stream TV channels, but never both.

All this can change by using a virtual private network. A VPN circumvents this location restriction and enables streaming both TV and movies anywhere in the world.

USTVnow DVR Recording

All USTVnow plans feature some sort of DVR features. The most expensive plan provides an unlimited recording of live TV, which is extremely useful to catch up on movies, shows, and games. The All Channels + DVR subscription lets you record all available programs. The only condition is that you can record 15 events simultaneously. The system keeps recordings saved for up to four weeks after which it deletes them from the record.

ustvnow for pc

Why Watch USTVnow Content Using a VPN?

USTVnow offers worldwide service, but if you want extra flexibility and privacy, consider using a VPN to watch its streams. When outside the country, U.S. residents can freely stream content, but that access to the catalog is revoked immediately upon arriving back in the country. This restriction can be circumvented by selecting a server located in other countries.

The opposite is the case with USTVnow movie rentals. They are only accessible to users in the U.S.; you can’t watch those titles in a foreign country. A VPN tool makes it possible to easily switch to a local US server to watch movies.

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VPNs ensure maximum privacy and security when using the internet. The proxy tools hide your data underneath layers of encryptions as long as it is active in the background, thus keeping it safe from detection. Your download and streaming activities are protected through a VPN connection. This provides you extra anonymity to use the service from anywhere in the world.

Best VPNs for USTVnow

We recommend using any of the following VPNs to access USTVnow movie catalog and live streams:

How To Watch USTVNow Through A VPN

Once you’ve chosen a VPN service and signed up for it, proceed to put it to some proper use. Follow the steps below to set up VPN with USTVnow to watch unlimited video streams privately.

1 – Set Up VPN Connection

First of all, ensure that you have an active user account with your preferred VPN service. Next, perform the following steps to start using the app.

  • Download the VPN proxy app from its official website.
  • Install the VPN app and sign up with your account.
  • Now launch the app on your device.
  • From the list of servers, select one in the preferred country.
  • Wait for it to link with a server and wait a few seconds until VPN finalizes the connection.
  • Without closing the VPN tool, minimize it and let it run in the background.
2 – Complete IP Verification

Next step involves the verification of your IP address. This step is optional, but it’s important nonetheless to ascertain that your VPN is providing maximum anonymity as promised by its developers. Otherwise, USTVnow streaming could be exposed to detection by the official service providers and can result in your account getting blocked.

  • Ensure that your VPN is properly connected to an active server.
  • Launch a web browser on your device and visit this link
  • When the page is loaded, perform a verification of the IP address.
  • If the server field below “Your IP address” shows a location in another country except for your current place of residence, the VPN connection is working properly.
3 – Start USTVnow Stream

With a VPN active in the background, you’re all set to go ahead and start watching USTVnow. Sometimes you might encounter certain restrictions while accessing USTVnow through a VPN proxy, but mostly it should stream movies, TV shows, and channels without any problem. Here are the steps to stream content via USTVnow through a web browser on PC.

  • Check whether your VPN is connected to a safe server.
  • Open a web browser and go to USTVnow homepage at or on a smartphone, visit
  • Sign in using your username and password and select a channel or video to stream.
  • That’s all.

Get unblocked USTVnow with unlimited free shows and movie rentals. Let us know what you think about this guide in the comments below.