How To Send Gifts And Add Friends In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO creators Niantic has released some interesting new features to enhance the player experience. It’s been a while since we last saw significant improvements in the Pokemon GO gamplay. Mobile game players were itching for something fresh that could improve playing experience and makes it more interactive as well as intuitive while keeping the motivation level high. One of the consistent gripes was about the absence of an ability to add friends in the game. This gives Pokemon GO a much needed social aspect.

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Initially the option to add friends was reserved only for Pokemon GO instructions at level 30 or above. Now, after the changes introduced in the latest update, all players at level 10 or higher can use this feature. Here’s how to go about it.

How to add friends and find your coach’s code [Pokemon GO]

Nintendo’s Pokemon games don’t give many options to add people without their permissions, which is understandable. Niantic’s Pokemon GO has largely been following the same pattern. This can change if you know how to find your coach code and give it to anyone who wants to add you as a friend.

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Here are the steps to find your coach code in Pokemon GO:

  • Launch Pokemon GO on your device.
  • Tap the profile of your coach in the lower-right corner of the main screen.
  • Here, you will see a list of friends, along with a ADD A FRIEND button. Tap on it.
  • On the next screen, you will be given the option to add someone else’s Friend Code. You will also see a sharing button that lets you send the code via any app connected to your phone or tablet that allows such things.

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What is friendship level?

The game allows players to add maximum 200 friends. A real-time feed allows you to monitor the activity of your friends. In addition, you can increase your level of friendship. Moreover, it lets you exchange goodies like gifts as well as playing in the same Gym and Battle Raids. By playing together you will increase your friendship level over time.

Currently, there are four levels of friendship, and increases incrementally.

  • Good – Can send gifts to a friend.
  • Great – Get an attack bonus for Raid plus more Premier balls. Also unlock trading with that friend.
  • Ultra
  • Best Friends

In the first two levels of friendship, in addition to the above mentioned features, you receive more Raid attack bonuses and more Premier Balls. Furthermore, there is a stardust trade discount as you progress, which goes up as high as 96% bonus in the Best Friends level.

However, there is no fix time to reach the Best Friends level and enjoy all the associated benefits. If depends on how dedicated you are to form and improve your friendships. It could take 90 days to become Best Friends provided you pay attention to sending gifts on regular basis or play in a Raid every day with as many friends as possible to get to that level of friendship.

How to send gifts to friends in Pokemon GO

In order to get gifts to send to your Pokemon GO friends, you must perform some activities every day, such as turn the record into a gym or a PokeStop. This will unlock the gifts, even if you don’t know what’s inside them, nor will your friends until they open it.

Niantic says the gifts could contain an object from a PokeStop or a gym, but it will be better than what you could get alone. Developers have improved friendship gifts compared to individual rewards in order to encourage interaction between players. It is highly likely that a very special 7km egg could hatch to become a Pokemon Alolan or some other character. We hope its the rare Alolan Exeggutor, which is widely regarded as the best Pokemon of them all.

In short, this should motivate you enough to gather your friends and play Pokemon GO together. Have fun!

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