How To See IMDB Ratings In Netflix App For Android

Want to get IMDB ratings for movies and shows in Netflix app for Android? Here in this post, i am going to share an easy way by which you will be able to see IMDB ratings right within the Netflix app without having to leave the streaming service to check movie or TV show ratings and review scores in the official IMDB app.

imdb ratings in netflix app

Online streaming is the talk of the town these days. There are plenty of services ranging from music to videos offering internet streaming on smartphone, tablets, laptops, TVs, and computers. This has eliminated the need to carry a physical storage media to save your favorite video content.

When it comes to streaming movies and TV shows, Netflix is undoubtedly at the top of the pile. It has the biggest subscription of any video streaming service and operates in most of the countries across the world. It is supported by all the major digital platforms – you can watch, download and stream videos from any device in your possession, including Kodi and Amazon Firestick.

Netflix offers the ability to watch content offline to ensure that you can watch movies and latest episodes of your favorite shows even without having to connect your device to a WiFi or data network.

Netflix constantly updates its services to bring new features for its users. Like recently, an announcement was made that Netflix is testing ads that would appear in-between episodes. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea many of us like to watch our favorite shows without getting distracted by advertisements. This is why we have already discussed how to block Netflix ads to get uninterrupted experience.

Although Netflix doesn’t officially offer the ability to stream videos in full HD 1080p via its web app for Chrome and Firefox browser, but we have managed to find a workaround which you can check out here.

The world’s biggest online movie and TV series streaming service can be accessed without any restrictions using Netflix Cookies. Moreover, for users who cannot afford to pay for the subscription can find out how to get free Netflix account here.

Now what about finding the best movies and shows without having to dive deep into the endless sea of content available on Netflix? By default, your content suggestions are based on your watch history. These recommendations are not always according to your personal taste.

So, here is an easy way to decide what’s worth watching. IMDB is the most reliable source of finding out the quality of movies and shows. Its ranking and review system ensures that users get the most accurate feedback and information about the item they are looking to watch.

Personally, i only use IMDB to ascertain the ratings of a movie or show, and if it falls short of 7 or below on IMDB, i know that it’s not worth spending my time on. If the plot seems engaging or if my favorite actors/actresses are starring, i don’t mind watching content rated as low as 6.

However, Netflix doesn’t show IMDB rating in its app. But there is a way to see the latest IMDB ratings for each movie and show directly withing the Netflix streaming app.

How To Get IMDB Ratings For Movies & Shows Within Netflix App

flutter instant movie ratingsTo see IMDB ratings in the Netflix app, you will need to install an app named Flutter – Instant Movie Ratings. It is available on the Google Play Store for free download. There are no in-app ads either.

flutter android app

Simply install Flutter like any other Android app from the Play Store and grant it all the necessary permissions to accessible services on your device. This is to allow the app to read the on-screen content. Once done, tap Activate Flutter. After that, it gleans the information on the screen and searches for it on IMDB. At the end of search, it shows you the rating on the screen in a bubble.

flutter app android

To customize the app, tap Configure settings. Next, tap customize rating bubble. On the next screen, select the color of the bubble as well as the duration for which it appears on the screen. Default time is set at 5 seconds.

Besides showing IMDB ratings for movies and shows, Flutter can also be used to create a chart where you can log your favorite shows along with an ability to create a list where you can save a collection of stuff you’ve already watched or want to watch in the future. So, in a way, it acts as your content library as well.

Another great thing about Flutter is that its services are not restricted to Netflix. It works with other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, BBC iPlayer (UK), Hotstar (India), Jio TV (India), and Jio Cinema (India).

To download Flutter – Instant Movie Ratings, click on this link here to visit its Google Play Store page.

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