How To Play Apple Music From Web Browser

Subscribers of Apple Music can now access the music app straight from their web browser. Whether through PC browser or mobile web browser, Apple Music is playable from outside the official application. Here is how it is done.

Listening to Apple Music requires an iTunes on a PC or the Music app on an Android or iOS device. The web version of the music players is not available officially. This may make things a bit inconvenient for many users of the Apple Music service. However, a guy named Naveed Golafshani has decided to address the matter with a solution of his own.

apple music pc web browser

A recent announcement on Reddit has made it known to the public that a new app allows Apple Music users to play their favorite soundtracks from a web browser. All they need is to login with their Apple Music ID to access the service from the comfort of a browser.

Apple Music For Web Browser

Now to get all the Apple Music content from a web browser, the first requirement is to have an active Apple ID linked to your account within the official app. This is to ensure that you do not fail the Apple authentication process. Once done, the next step involves users to authenticate the player app to access Apple Music along with its media, activities, and library. Upon successful completion of all the required information, the player will start working.

Mind you that this is not the Apple approved solution, so certain elements are expected to not work as normal. That being said, most of the features of the web player work without any hiccups. The layout resembles that of Spotify which makes it fun to use various elements of Apple Music on a web browser.

There are, of course, some shortcomings associated with this unofficial Apple Music web version. First, it doesn’t have a radio feature. The browser app lacks some of the services available in Apple’s app. The ‘Up Next’ category to arrange tracks is also not available in this workaround solution.

However, given there are no similar alternatives, the web app handles most of the advertised functions pretty well. Besides the PC web browser iteration, there is also a mobile version for accessing this tool through a phone or tablet web browser.

apple music mobile web browser

Some rumors suggested that Apple is working on its own browser compatible music player, but so far nothing has come of it. Until that happens, this is the only option that is worth trying out.

To get the web version of Apple Music, head over to through your PC or mobile web browser.

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