How To Install Galaxy S9 Dolby Atmos On Galaxy S8

In this tutorial, i am going to walk you through the steps to install Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S8. Samsung’s current flagship Galaxy S9 is one of the highest selling Android smartphones despite failing to meet sales expectations projected by analysts. That said, the Galaxy S9 has the best specs among most high-end smartphone running Android firmware. It features top of the line Dolby Atmos audio setup for superior audio quality. Dolby Atmos has the latest technology that amplifies 3D audio experience. Companies have started to incorporate this feature into their smartphones as well. The Galaxy S9 is the only Samsung handset that has Dolby Atmos. However the users of S8 phone would be pleased to learn that an XDA member ImbaWind has successfully ported Galaxy S9 Dobly Atmos to the Galaxy S8. Here is a simple method to Install Dolby Atmos from the Galaxy S9 on Galaxy S8 Exynos.

dolby atmos galaxy s8

The installation process is not difficult to follow. All you have to do is to flash a SoundAlive ZIP file on your phone using TWRP. It works on any TouchWiz based custom ROM. Make sure you have the latest TWRP on Samsung Galaxy S8. You can download the latest TWRP from this link here. Once you’ve downloaded the TWRP image, install it by following the step by step guide below.

Download Files
  1. -For headphones and speakers.
  2. -For headphones only.

Steps To Install Galaxy S9 Dolby Atmos on Galaxy S8

1 – Make sure that you have downloaded the SoundAlive packages from the link above because it will be needed to install Dolby Atmos from the Galaxy S9 on Galaxy S8.

2 – If SoundAlive file is already installed on your ROM, skip it and only flash Dolby Installer It has all the required libraries for the Dolby Atmos system to work properly.

3 – You can change SoundAlive version on your device to the version given in the Download section if you wish. But first, you must first uninstall the current version before install the SoundAlive ZIP.

4 – Next, flash SoundAlive Zip and Dolby installer. To do this, use any root app uninstaller from the Google Play Store such as System app remover (ROOT) and uninstall SoundAlive which is a system app.

5 – If the SoundAlive Zip is not installed on your ROM, download and flash both SoundAlive Zip & Dolby Installer 1.5.1 zip.

6 – To install zip files based on your device configuration, head over to TWRP recovery and tap on Install. Then select the folder containing the zip file and swipe to flash it.

7 – That’s all.

Now if Dolby Atmos doesn’t work, first test Dolby Atmos on your Galaxy S8 by switching between move mode and music. Alternatively, check the logcat [collected while playing music] if it has “SAEffectManager” in the output. To remove Dolby Atmos, install the System App Remover and use it to uninstall SoundAlive APK from your device. Next, flash the zip files once gain to clean install the app and library files.

Hopefully this helped you install the new Dolby Atmos audio mod on your Galaxy S8. You can send question for help in the comments below.

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