How To Hide Your Online Status On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger used to be a part of the main Facebook application but this is no longer the case as it has since been converted into a standalone chat app. Recent updates have bridged the gap between Snapchat and the Messenger app. But it remains so that you can still use the app without a Facebook account. The world’s biggest social network company is trying to benefit from the popularity of its rivals’ main features by bringing them to its own services across various platforms. When you send a message to a contact using Facebook Messenger, it shows whether or not the recipient is active. If said person is inactive, it shows how long ago they were active. The same information about you is available to others who have you saved as their contact in Facebook Messenger. But if you find this too intrusive or don’t want others to see when you were last active, you can turn it off. Here’s how to do it.

hide active status on messenger

Hide ‘Active’ Status On Facebook Messenger

Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. Go to the People tab. In the People tab, there are two sub-tabs: All and Active. The All tab shows you message requests, allows you to access your scan code, find a contact from the main phone app, and invite people to your Messenger. Right underneath these options, you can see a list of all your contacts. Contacts with a green dot next to their name are currently on Messenger.

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Now the Active tab is where you see all the active contacts and it’s where you can disable your own ‘Active’ status off. Just turn the toggle switch next to your name Off and it will hide your active indicator from your contacts or how long ago you were active. You will likewise be unable to see which of your contacts are currently active on the Messenger app.

Remember these settings do not extend to the desktop version of the application. If you open Messenger in your web browser, your contact will still be able to see your Active status and you will, likewise, be able to see theirs.

To turn off your Active status on the web version, go to the Messenger website and click the cog wheel button at the top left to OFF position if it’s enabled. Select ‘Active Contacts’ from the menu. The ‘Active Now’ menu that opens has a switch to disable your Active status.

Once done, the Active status for your contacts will no longer be visible to you.