How To Get PUBG Mobile Beta With Or Without An Invitation

PUBG Mobile just received a new update. If you are unaware of it, visit here to see what’s new in the PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 Global English version. This is a beta update for testing new features and improvements in order to ensure that the game is ready by the time of full public release worldwide. So if you are feeling left behind or wondering how to get on board to enjoy the fun, we are going to tell you how to join PUBG Mobile beta with and without an invitation.

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How To Enroll For The PUBG Mobile Beta With or Without An Invitation

Here is what you need to do to download PUBG Mobile beta with and without receiving an invitation to test latest updates before they are released for public. We have also shared a tutorial about 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, so do check it out to enhance your gameplay experience in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

With An Invitation

If you’ve received an invitation to the PUBG Mobile beta, latest Global English Version is 0.6.0, you’ll need to head over to the Mail section of the home screen under the “System” message tab. Here you will see the following message.

pubg mobile 0.6.0 beta invite

The above image shows what the invitation looks like if you have been invited to the PUBG mobile beta. Beta 0.6.0 has been released by Tencent/PUBG Corporation on Android and iOS.

Now simply click the link to download the Test Server Client  and you are all set. Login to your Facebook and link your account, the new map and content should be there for you. If you’re having any issues, you may need to uninstall the standard PUBG Mobile app.

Without An Invitation

If you didn’t get an invite to play the new beta version and want to see what the latest PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 has in store for you, Tencent and PUBG Corporation has made it easy to join the club. Here’s what you need to do to get latest beta updates on Android and iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile Beta Android Install: First of all, make sure that your Android device is running Android 4.4+ and has 2GB RAM minimum to install PUBG Mobile Beta. Next, follow these steps:

  • Log in to PUBG Mobile as normal via Facebook.
  • Remove PUBG Mobile. Don’t worry, your progress will not be lost.
  • Now, click this link here from your device to download the beta.
  • Tap the icon that appears on the screen to install the APK.
  • Installation may take a while so be patient.
  • Once complete, launch the PUBG mobile app and login with the same Facebook account used in step one.

get latest pubg mobile beta

PUBG Mobile Beta iOS Install: On iOS devices, minimum installation requirement is iPhone 5S or later and iOS 9 or newer firmware. Next, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your PUBG Mobile as normal via Facebook.
  • Delete PUBG Mobile (progress will not be lost).
  • In Safari browser click on this link to download the beta.
  • You will be asked if the link should open in iTunes. Hit “Install” to start the download.
  • At your home screen, tap the grey icon that appears to get it past the “waiting” step. The process may take a while so be patient. Plug your device into a charger if the battery level is low. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the download progress on the screen because it happens in the background.
  • Once it’s done, you will see the PUBG Mobile icon on the home screen. Now go to Settings > General and scroll down to Device Management, select the certificate for PUBG Mobile and tap on “Trust”.
  • Launch the PUBG Mobile and login with the same Facebook account used the in step one.

As this is a new install, you’ll have to go through the name creation process and tutorial again. Once you’re done with that, you can start playing the latest beta with new features. Some of the menus may not have been translated into English, which should be fixed in upcoming updates.

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