How To Get PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 Global English Beta Version

Today, i am going to tell you how to get the latest PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 Beta English Version for players outside China. This will help you to get the global version of PUBG Mobile anywhere in the world and play all the new features introduced in the beta update before public release. The Chinese version was updates a few days ago and now it is the turn of the global English version. We have already shared how to join PUBG Mobile beta updates with and without invitation to enjoy the new features before they are made available to everyone in the public release. In this post, i am going to share vital information regarding PUBH Mobile 0.7.0 English Version Beta and how to get it.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a mega success story of the year on PC, Xbox and now on mobile platforms. The developers of PUBG Mobile continue to release beta updates to test new features and improvements before they are included in the full version for public. The purpose of this experimentation is to ensure that all aspects of the game are fully working with minimum chances of errors irrespective of the devices’ hardware.

To the delight of PUBG Mobile players outside China, a new beta update 0.7.0 of the English variant of the game is now available to download. This update makes fan favorite survival game even better place. That said, the developers are staying loyal to the Chinese audience who made the game a massive hit in the first place and express their gratitude by preferring them over the global players when it comes to updates and introducing new features.

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Global English version players have accepted this arrangement that they will be second on the list for the PUBH Mobile updates as compared to their counterparts living in China. In the beta version, players have plenty to sink their teeth into.

The version 0.7.0 beta doesn’t have official release notes attached by the Publishers of the PUBG Mobile English. However, as we mentioned in our earlier Chinese release post that a new War Mode is part of the gameplay now.

The new introductions also include the ability to let friends watch the gameplay without actually taking part. Beside new guns and precision firing a brand new facial expression improvement system to accurately depict characters’ humanity bring more realistic feel to the playing experience.


And of course, the update includes plenty of critical bug fixes and stability improvements. Players should see better and more real impact from frag grenades as well as increased damaged from certain powerful guns. That said, this is still only a beta update, and as is the case with betas the experimentation always leaves some room open to certain elements not working at their optimum level. Currently, PUBG Mobile Chinese version is latest at the beta version 0.8.1 and the English version is at 0.7.0 beta, meaning the original game is still a few steps ahead of the global release.

If you play the PUBG Mobile English version, you can get the version 0.6.0 for Android and iOS from their respective app stores. And if you like to try latest features in beta, go to this URL to download the client:

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