How To Get Android Pie Open Beta On OnePlus 6

Finally the news every one of the OnePlus 6 users wanted to hear has arrived. The OnePlus 6 experience has taken a giant step towards to the official Android Pie update. OnePlus has rolled out its first build of the Android Pie Open Beta for the OnePlus 6 smartphone owners. The Open Beta is available for all those who have the latest OnePlus 6 flagship handset. You can Download and Install OnePlus 6 Android Pie Open Beta by following the steps in the guide below. Previously, only closed OnePlus 6 beta updates was available only to testers and developers; this is first official open beta build update for public. Before installing the Android Pie Open Beta on your OnePlus 6, read the changes arriving in this update.

oneplus 6 android pie open beta install guide

Android Pie for OnePlus 6

The Android Pie is being heralded as the most wide-ranging update in the history of Android firmware. Android Pie takes the mobile operating system version to 9.0. The biggest change is in the UI which now features redesigned notifications and quick settings to improve multitasking. You will notice it the moment turn on your phone running on Android Pie.


Another change comes in the way icons look in the notification area. The toggles have circular shape rather than minimalist look as in previous firmware versions. The tiles also have rounded corners now. New notification cards on the phone’s lockscreen are also part of the new UI.

The revamped recent apps menu shows each app in its own separate window with round edges. The apps now slide towards left and right instead of up and down. The recent apps menu looks pleasing to the eye, which, in some ways, resembles that of iOS.

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Another noticeable change relates to the appearance of icons in the settings. The icon badges for each instance of apps has been given a new look. The data network icon is also different in the latest OnePlus smartphone. Some settings have been shuffled from the previous position in the settings app. So if don’t find something in its previous position, try looking for it under another option.

The phone and dialer app has received a new design as well. When making a call, you will find an animation right at the top of the call menu. The dialer UI has also got new elements. The volume rocker has a changed appearance. The volume rockers has a new look which first made its way in the Stock Android Pie from Google. The OnePlus 6 has a new vertical volume slider from where you can control the sound.

oneplus 6 android pie volume

There are whole host of changes that have been made part of of the OnePlus 6 Android Pie update. The navigation gesture feature is also available in this device.

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Accent color customization is incorporated in this year’s OnePlus phone. The Do Not Disturb mode with adjustable settings is also introduced. Moreover, the text notification and notification for third-party calls have made it to the Gaming Mode 3.0 in this update.

oneplus 6 android pie notificaitons

Open Beta Build – Precautions

Along with all the goodies that come with the open beta, it also has some downsides users should be mindful of. The Google Plus Services and the Play Store can malfunction at times. OnePlus warns that the firmware may not be stable enough to use as daily driver. I ran this firmware for a few days and did not find anything wrong with it up to this point. So if you want to get the Android Pie experience, this firmware is worth the try.

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Now let’s see how to install OnePlus 6 Android Open Beta Build. This build is stable enough and won’t harm your device, so you can install it without worrying about performance issues. You can use the OTA method to flash Android Pie Open Beta update on your OnePlus 6. Simply download the update file, move it to your phone and perform a local upgrade. The update is as easy to install as well. Here is what you need to do if you want to download OnePlus 6 Android Pie Open Beta right away.

Install Android Pie Open Beta On OnePlus 6

Before starting, these steps will help you upgrade your OnePlus 6 from OxygenOS Android Oreo. If you are running on previous previous of Android Pie, follow these steps:

1 – Download Android Pie Open Beta for OnePlus 6.

2 – Copy the downloaded file to the main memory or root of your OnePlus 6.

3 – Now, go to Settings > System updates.

4 – Tap on the small gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

5 – Next, tap on Local Upgrade.

6 – Wait for it to locate the update file and then tap on it.

7 – The installation process will begin now. Your phone will reboot multiple times during the setup process.

8 – Reboot your device when the set up is complete. It will not take you to the newly installed Android Pie.

oneplus 6 android pie open beta install

Uninstall Android Pie Open Beta

1 – Download the latest version of OxygenOS ROM here.

2 – Move the downloaded file to your device’s main memory or root folder.

3 – Go to Settings > System Updates.

4 – Tap on the small gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

5 – Tap on Local Upgrade and let it locate the file on your device.

6 – Tap on the firmware file to start the installation process.

7 – Once done, reboot your device back to the old stock OxygenOS firmware.

Final Words

That’s all for the guide on Download and Install OnePlus 6 Android Pie Open Beta build. Your device now runs the Android Pie with all its UI changes and improved firmware features. So far the update hasn’t caused any problem on my phone. You can try it to get a firsthand feel of the latest Android Pie on OnePlus 6. Leave a comment below to let us know about your experience, or send queries regarding the set up process.