How To Fix WiFi & Bluetooth Not Working On iOS 12 Devices

So you have updated your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the latest iOS 12? For the most part, the update seems to be working fine for the majority of iOS users. However, there are some complains about WiFi or Bluetooth not working after iOS 12 update on certain devices. In this guide, i am going to share a few tips and tricks to fix WiFi, Bluetooth issues on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 12. Before starting, if you haven’t updated to the iOS 12, here is how to install the latest iOS firmware via OTA method or download IPSW for manual update.

ios 12 wifi and bluetooth fix

iOS 12 is now available for download on all supported models of iPhone and iPad. This major firmware update brings plenty of improvements to the overall operating system. Apple boasts that it is the company’s most complete mobile OS in terms of futuristic features yet. As usual, lot of under the hood enhancements have also been incorporated to provide snappy experience even on older iOS devices like the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6. However, if your device’s WiFi or Bluetooth has started acting up since the update, here’s how to fix it.

Fix WiFi and Bluetooth on iOS 12

As mentioned earlier, the iOS 12 is mainly about internal software improvements rather than aesthetic changes to the user-interface which debuted in the previous iOS 11. The main focus of this year’s iOS update is on the futuristic AR technology, which shows the intent on Apple’s part towards embracing the future where Augmented Reality is expected to play a major role in technological advancements. Tech companies are investing heavily on improving AR for their devices.

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Beside AR, there are new features and improvements in Siri, Photos app, Notifications, and much more. Memoji is the next step in the evolution of Animoji.

Back to the main topic, if you’re having issues with WiFi or Bluetooth after iOS 12 installation then here is what you can do to easily fix it. This sort of issue often comes to surface with major operating system updates.

wifi bluetooth fix on ios 12

The process is straightforward. All you need to do is to head over to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. That is all. By simply resetting these settings, you device’s Bluetooth and WiFi connection will revert to its default status. So if you’re having issues with WiFi or Bluetooth, simply apply the above steps and all will be good.

This problem is effecting relatively small number of devices. So it is unlikely to cause much uproar from the Apple community. Has this been helpful in solving the WiFi and Bluetooth issue on your device? Let us know in the comments.

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